Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Be Nice About Accepting Rejection

As someone who is nearing the phase where I’m going to start querying like mad, I’ve been madly reading articles about the industry and the process of getting an agent. 

bittttterrrrrnessssss, or not
One thing I’ve noticed beyond anything else is this: Bitterness.

If you Google “Embarrassing literary rejections,” you’ll find a wealth of articles explaining why so many agents and publishers should be crying about passing up on Harry Potter or Stephen King’s work. There are far too many blogs from unpublished authors that fire hatred and anger back over the rejections they’ve received (who is ever going to publish them now?). Heck, there are too many published authors that claim they’ve framed up their rejection letters just to mock those that passed on them.

I think its all hogwash.

Why feel the need to mock agents just because they didn’t want your work? Even if you’ve gotten a nasty review, why bother firing back? It’s silly and unprofessional.

Be nice when you’re rejected.

I mean, I get it. The work you’ve written is a part of who you are, so when you’re rejected, it feels like you’ve been rejected for who you are. And, you have been, in so many ways, however that’s no reason to write a thousand word blog over it. You don’t like everything you’ve ever read, and neither will an agent (especially them, lol). Heck, you don’t even like every person you’ve ever met.

Maybe I just don’t know how it is yet, because I haven’t begun querying.

I do know some things though: I am not going to frame my rejection letters. I am notgoing to make a dartboard out of them. I am not going to post rejections to my blog, crying about how evil they all are.

I am going to LEARN from them. Even if the rejection letter says, “Your book is trash, give up, you are a terrible writing,” I am going to find something to learn from it. I won’t take cruel negativity to heart, but I think there is something a person can gain even from mean people. If they’re being that blunt, then perhaps there’s something to it! Remember, Oscar the Grouch is an educational character. Haha.

Anyway, that’s that. I should get back to editing. I’m playing a game called Cut Any Fat From My Novel.

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