Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wii Fit Weight Loss (Zero-hour)

This is not a blog about weight loss. This is a blog about doing nerdy things. I promise. 
the before
Today is the day I decided I want to get back on track. For two years, I was strictly losing weight. I had moved to Seattle, where I walked often, ate far more veggies, and practiced healthier living. Seattle is the kind of place where sometimes you don’t have a choice but to eat vegan, and it really did help me out. During my two years in Seattle, I dropped about 30 pounds. I felt healthier. My blood flowed faster. My energy was up.

Then I had a little divorce things happen, and I left Seattle. I came back to the Midwest—a place of fried chicken and apple pie. I stopped caring about girls completely (I was having post-breakup bachelor-freedom syndrome, haha), instead reverting to playing Diablo 3, writing, and working a new job. So, I sort of stopped caring. I mean, when a guy isn’t looking for a girlfriend, he’s probably eating pizza and playing videogames. Typically nerd. 

the before side
But, lately, I’ve decided I’m interested in dating again. Being single was extremely fun, but seeing my friends picking up girls has finally pulled that instinctual desire back out from under those Documents of Marriage Severance.

Today I’m going to start working out, and I’m going to do it the nerd way. I’m going to Wii Fit myself back into shape. I’m also going to start walking and eating healthy again, but weighing myself on the Wii every day is going to keep me in check, give me structure. I have an awesome setup for this. I found an old TV that I’ve set up in an open area. Right now, I don’t have a Wii U, so I’m going to only be doing the original Wii’s version of Fit, but I’ll upgrade as soon as I can afford to. I’d like to get a membership to a pool someday soon, because I love swimming more than any other type of exercise. Also, I should note that I will not be posting my actual weight total, but I will post my loss (or gain) from entry-to-entry. Also, shirt is staying on.

Ideas for Wiiinng myself thin:
Do this first thing in the morning, and do activities for an hour a day (minimum)

Setting up a Wii Yoga routine.

Playing Wii Sports and Resort to get my blood flowing.

Listening to podcasts during it to set my timing and keep my interest up.

Replaying Zelda: Twilight Princess while standing up and playing out the full-body swings of the sword.

Part 2 of this digital fitness idea is up! Clickme!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. just a note to myself: After weighing myself, I was happy to have found that I've only gained ten pounds since moving back to the Midwest from Seattle. Honestly, I expected more. It's not good, but I thought there would have been more damage. Cutting those ten won't be too hard, but I really would love to drop way more than that. I've also looked up more exercise games for Wii. We'll see!