Coffee-spiced Pumpkin

The Oatmeal posted the above on Twitter, and so I drew in the rest of the panels for funsies. What do you think?

My Pixar Rankings

Toy Story is still the best Pixar movie ever made, and not just because I grew up with it. It’s every kid’s fantasy. The toys are really alive and have personalities. Wall-E is just a beautiful movie, and the message of protecting our planet is important. Finding Nemo is beautiful and has wondrous music. Monsters U is legit funny, and the perfect way that they could go back to having monsters be scary. TS3 is sad and fun. Inside Out has Bingbong.

1. Toy Story
3. Finding Nemo
4. The Incredibles
5. Monsters University
6. Toy Story 3
7. Inside Out
8. Monsters Inc
9. Toy Story 2
10. Ratatouille
11. A Bug’s Life
12. Up
13. The Good Dinosaur
14. Cars
15. Brave

I haven’t seen any of the other Pixar movies yet, but that’s my list. 


Today is my birthday.

I've left my 20s.

I'm 3 decades old.


I have a philosophy about aging. Yeah, it'd be great to be a Lost Boy. To stay young and crazy forever.


Growing older is better than dying.

I've reached 30. I'm lucky.

Some people are killed in car crashes. Some face diseases and depression and other terrible things. Just the other day, another people I knew from high school passed away from a heroine overdose. Yeah, this blog post got heavy real fast. Why am I thinking about this on my special day?

Because I'm lucky, and I need to remind myself.

I'm alive.

I could lose weight, but otherwise I'm seemingly healthy.

I'm not dealing with addiction.

I have a job. Friends. Family. A roof.

I have food to eat.

There are children far younger than I that will not be eating at all today, however someone bought me a cake today and I'll probably have a slice.

It hurts to think about it, but I'm lucky. I'm privileged.

Sometimes I think about what I want to do with my life, in full. The big picture.

I want to help people. I want to give clean drinking water to countries where there is no Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cakes.

Sorry, not trying to be a downer. I am looking forward to eating some cake. I've been avoiding snacking much because of that weight thing. I haven't had McDonalds or Taco Bell since the new year began, my resolution is still going strong.

But, it is good to remember that growing older is better than not, because the only alternative is dying.

I want to be a writer more than anything else. That's my selfish desire. If I could sell a million books and strike a movie deal, I would put half my earnings into helping other people. I'm not saying that's what I want to do. I think we're all a little selfish inside. There's always another thing to buy.


I think it's a duty to remember that there are other things outside our personal bubbles.

I'm 30. That's cool.

Makes me think of my legacy. What can I work on now that I can leave behind when my time is up? I'm hoping that is books to inspire literacy. Help that improves the global society. My first submission-worthy novel is nearly finished. I hope to be submitting it to agents by Christmas.

That's my plan.

This next decade is about completing that objective and being successful at it. Also, establishing something more for myself, I guess. I should start saving for retirement, right? That's ridic to think about.

I'm rambling.

Reflecting, I suppose. A better way to put it.

I want to do something cool and creative. That's my goal.

No good way to end this post, so.

I'm blessed. I'm lucky. I'm thankful. Thankful for everyone in my life and everyone that supports me. Thankful for my situation and my luck and my positive nature. Thankful for cake and my willpower to not eat fast food for the last 10 months. Thankful for having the ability to write and be creative. Thankful for the Internet and blogs and such. I hope I can give back to the universe twice what it's given me.

Missouri Retro Games Convention

So, in August, I went to a retro gaming convention in Missouri. It was pretty cool!

me (on the right) about to get my butt whooped in the Smash Bros tourney

It was packed! The space you see is what they made for vendors... there was hardly standing room in the aisles
 more pics after the jump...