Comic - "Flexible Figure"

So, I made a web comic late the other night. I was extremely tired, but somehow I still found this funny after I read it again the next morning. When I was a kid, I used to dream of making a comic strip. I used to love Garfield, specifically. I would check out those giant books of Garfield comics from the school’s library and read them all in one sitting.

As an adult, my favorite comic is definitely Monty, which used to be called Robotman. There was some episode when Monty gets captured by the Teletubies, and to let people know he was being held captive, he wrote “help me” or something on his koolaid mustache. Absolute genius. Since then, if I go to read the funnies, I always start with Monty. I truly haven’t held a newspaper in years, though (who has?).

The comic I made above speaks for itself, really. There are so many stick figure based web comics nowadays, and a lot of them are extremely funny. However, the art style is so overdone and bland that I usually avoid them anyway. Art style doesn’t have to mean complicated. Look at Garfield, Charlie Brown. Those comics have style. Stick figures are not style; they’re laziness, imo.

Anyway, as far as my writing, I’m working on some major projects right now. I’ve mainly put blogging to the side, so that I can focus on the most important thing (my novel). I’m thinking about going for an MFA in writing, maybe I’ll post more about that later.   

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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