Trump-Fascists Took Over The Capitol Building In a Coup Attempt to Stop Biden's Election Win From Certification

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Like, that actually happened. Wow.

It's crazy to think about, even now. A sitting President incited a mob of domestic terrorists to attack Congress and stop his successor's election results from being counted. That is insane. 

THIS IS AMERICA.  This happened here. I've been wrapping my head around it. 

In this blog entry, I'm going to go back to Jan 6 through today and think through my reactions. 

My first thought was that someone broke into the Capitol and waved a Confederate flag around. Like, the flag of treason to the USA waved proudly in one of the most sacred halls of our nation. 

Mike Pence did the right thing--that day. I won't say he isn't complicit in the 4 years of Trump's failed presidency, but on that day, Mike Pence became the de facto President. He was the one that summoned the national guard, he certified Biden's win (and his own loss). People will remember him better for this day. 

Vice President Pence came back, along with Congress, and finished the job of certifying Biden and Harris's wins. I wish he would invoke the 25th. The whole world would be safer.
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After most of the chaos and horror was over, Trump posted on twitter a video in which he told the domestic terrorists saying "We love you. You're very special."

He told the terrorists that they are special. What a joke. Trump is not just my President, but he's not a President. 

I can't believe how bad the country has gotten under Traitor Trump. I've listed it all out.... but I don't want to do that here. But, deadly pandemic, civil unrest, domestic terrorists, a destroyed economy.... what a failure. 

Sad how reality is just as crazy as apocalyptical fiction. Trump got banned from many social media websites days later. Good! 

Lots of Trump people began to resign, due to the horrors Trump caused with the deadly coup attempt. 

Even Betsy DeVos, the racist Education Secretary who made it a priority that education costs as much and takes from poor neighborhood schools... She was appalled at what the children were seeing happening due to the Trump insurrection.

Voldemort bad for children, says Dolores Umbridge. It's that bad.

Here's my thoughts on the impeachment hearing:
Is there a point to impeaching Trump, when there isn't even time to remove him from office now?
Because the leader of the free world should not be able to incite insurrection, endanger democracy, endanger congress, or allow people to die (include police officers), without CONSEQUENCE. Not in America. We don't have kings, here.
We must set the precedent. What if a Democrat President calls for deadly riots and an attack on the capitol? If we don't impeach Trump today, we've set the precedent that this is acceptable for future Presidents. We must be consistent. Just because a President is leaving in a few days, does not mean they should be allowed to get away with violence, riots, and inciting domestic terrorism.
Please don't forget that we can just as easily unify against inciting insurrection as we can allowing it to happen without consequence. Republicans are WELCOME to unite with Democrats against allowing a President to attempt a coup and cause a bloody insurrection.
Republican politicians, remember this great quote:
"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends." - Albus Dumbledore
There won't be healing or unity without justice. We just had a literal deadly coup attempt against our Capitol Building, summoned by a sitting President. America cannot allow this to pass.
I've noticed that many conservative folk, instead of speaking out against the Trump insurrection, have posted more "Back the Blue" images than usual. 

My response?

You don't "Back The Blue" if you give Trump a pass for inciting the riot at the Capitol that got police officers beat over the head with an American Flag.
Anyway. What a time. In three days Joe Biden will be inaugurated. In three days, the country will start to normalize, I hope! I'm ready for goodness, kindness, and hope to reclaim the spotlight. 

........I just can't believe there was a real coup attempt that broke into our Capitol and got people killed.....

Teaching myself how to draw a chameleon, then painting one

The first attempt. Never really sketched a chameleon before. I studied a few examples of live chameleons. I decided it was important to have spikes on the back and chin, and blank stare-faces.

My fifth go was pretty good. I started thinking about the way stripes/colors would work. I added mouth scales. I thought about how many toes they have.

My second try at color didn't quite get it, but it was a start. I got the idea to use the eye as ridges for the accent colors. 

This one got the color right, but not quite the form. 

 I ended up using the form of number 5 and the color scheme of 9 to create this painting. I love how it came out. I gave it to my mom for Christmas. 

20 $%&#ing 20

This year....

The worst year for America--perhaps the planet--in my entire lifetime. 

A historically deadly pandemic with an airborne virus. 316,000 died of COVID-19. We hit levels recently described as "a 9/11 a day" in deaths. Horrific. 

George Floyd was murdered by cops, and the civil unrest that followed.

Trump, the worst President the USA ever had and cause of many of the 2020 problems, refused to concede his lost election and preceded to attempt a coup, setting the country up to be vulnerable. Murder hornets. Australia and California burned, and climate change was ignored by Republicans. Hong Kong protested. We nearly had a war with Iran (due to Trump). An American President was bi-partisan-ly impeached. JK Rowling's transphobia. The greatest jobs loss in US history. Russia committed a major cyber attack against us, and Trump didn't even bother to respond. The year of Karens, racists, and generally evil people feeling comfortable showing their faces in the USA. The massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Kobe and Chadwick Boseman died. COVID-19 restriction denialism, led by Trump and his cronies. Sports, theatre, events, and entertainment in general was cancelled. RBG died. 

What a crap year. 


Personally, I have been OK. I have an excellent, wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, perfect girlfriend. My job remained in tact, and I've been given new responsibilities (doing the artistic direction for a performing arts school, pretty cool!). That is a blessing, and I don't discount that I work in the arts and maintained a full-time job. I had a major virtual show, which was amazing. Earlier this year, I had a very big challenge at work, though. Man, it was hard.

Members of my family had COVID-19, but no deaths. No friends lost. Blessings. I got my teeth fixed. My teeth also pain me a lot. I guess, I made progress. I can smile in public now, anyway. I definitely gained weight during the pandemic. 2021 needs to be the year that changes me.

My art moved a lot after the pandemic first hit. When we were forced to stay home, I used any free time I had to work on my novel, do edits. After the summer, my art slowed down, as my work took over again. My work is art, though. I guess it all works out. 

I'm very, very thankful that Joe Biden got elected. I'm hoping we finally get some normalcy, and that with a new President, we will have actual leadership in America again. I'm also thankful for science and the vaccine. I know with Biden as President, ending COVID-19 will be an actual priority for this country, finally. I want to get back to having fun, going to events, and exploring the world. 

Maybe the worst part of 2020 ( my little, insignificant cutout of the world...) was cancelling my road trip to Disney World and Harry Potter World. That was a bummer. 

Good things that kept me going in 2020:

Dungeons and Dragons with friends. 

Playing Jackbox Games with my Discord Server.

Poker with my girl.

My girlfriend.

I went on a New Year's hike with Gabe and his mom. That was on Jan 1. A good workout!!



I bought a VR headset. Perfect timing. Can't go anywhere? Well, now you can go anywhere in VR. I played a ton of Skyrim, No Man's Sky, and other games. 

Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. 

I upgraded my phone. My old one died.


Beats me. I have no idea what next year will be like. Hard to guess. More pandemic fallout, for sure. I hope the vaccine comes quick, and that the world gets back to normal.

I want to go to conventions again. I want shopping at nerdy stores to be fun again, and not a germ-atorium. I miss being out and about. I guess, all in all, I just want to create more art in the new year. I want to see students back in schools (when it is SAFE for them and staff). I want to create more. I want to reschedule a Disney trip. I have secret plans, too. :-D 

Stay safe, ya'll. SEE?!? you in the New Year! 

to watch the stoic squirm

Must be strangely intriguing to see the statues come down. They took Columbus down from a park a mile away. Pretty cool. I love seeing companies removing Aunt Jemimas and Uncle Bens. The world is shook, man. 

Strangely exciting to see NASCAR remove the traitor flag from races. Must be somewhat heartening to see representation in media from underrepresented peoples. Washington Redskins getting scared to use their slur as an emblem. Glad this is not allowed anymore.

Symbols of racism are being destroyed and cast back into the darkness, and it's awesome. Racists are being uninvited from the USA. 

Brighter Side

I'm probably not the only person feeling a bit down about the state of the world. 

I was supposed to go to Disney World at the beginning of the month, but I know how minuscule that problem is compared to what the world is going through. Quarantine and social distancing does make me a little batty. I miss people! The idea of Halloween being cancelled is sad. That's like my spirit energy, my happy place. 

Anyway, the brighter side. 

I guess, acknowledging how awful the world is and will continue to be.... acknowledging the revolution the USA is going through because of the murder of George Floyd.... acknowledging that 502,387 globally have died and are continuing to die makes any of my issues potatoes shrunk to singular atoms...

I have been using my free time wisely. I've been making a ton of art. I've been working extremely hard on my writing. I made some major changes to my novel, and it's sooooo good right now. I'm super hyped for it. Man, I never thought I'd have this much free time to focus on art. It has been a deep dive. I've been really trying to avoid timesuck-type things like video games, and instead, immersing myself in art study and practice. That part has been great.

I hope to get more done before my job starts back up in August (I'm a theatrical technical director). Anyway, hope is hereafter (<- a phrase from The Unraveler, meaning hope is the dream of the future)! I am sure that things will get better. I am sure the world will grow stronger because of everything going on.

COVID-19, a blog entry

The world is an absolute mess. 

My brain has been trying to piece it all together. I think it always comes back to... we as a society have allowed, even encouraged, some dreadful things to happen. To fix things, we have to dig through the mud and listen to each other.

I love being an American. I love the USA. I see many amazing things about my country, but I’m wise enough to see the glaring problems. Most of them are connected.

In fact, I believe most of our issues boil down to greed.

These Sidewalks Are Suicide, a poem

Even water can feel like flames
within your lungs.
Storm stifles on the fly.
It suffocates the turf that kept us dry,
and free from the birds.
We’ll climb toward their beaks,
but it gets worse!
Because these damn sidewalks are suicide
when the people
they walk
in stride
in stride.
Even the sun knows all the shit I’m in.
Its rays will warm the ground and dry my skin.
I cannot crawl,
though I’ve tried!
My body’s fried onto the blacktop.
And them,
with their massive machines used for grinding below,
only by their unfortunate attitudes
will they look down and see our own,
and only by that extreme rare chance
will they be charitable enough
to ignore our hideous exterior
and lift us from this inevitable death
and the hopelessness of breathlessly crawling along the bottom of an endless flood.
Because even the sidewalks are suicide
when the people
they walk
in stride
in stride.
For fortune is to be simply tossed back into the grass,
where earthworms have a chance to survive the rain.

Song Version
(written by me, performed with Brian Wood and Scott Weber)

I support you!

Right now, I'm trying to listen, educate myself, and see, more than give my (frankly, unneeded) opinion. But, I wanted to say this publicly.

I stand with Black Lives. I recognize that systemic racism needs to be addressed immediately.  George Floyd was murdered in cold blood.

I've been thinking about my students a lot. With COVID-19 leading to an early summer break, this'll be the longest I go without seeing them in person. To you, students, I hope you're well. I see you. I support you. As a white man, I can never know your pain but I will always struggle to try. Stay safe. You are the future, the ones that will decide where this country goes next. We're counting on you to eradicate racism, because my generation surely has failed you.

VOTE! That is such a huge thing. Voting is the key to changing this country. The younger you begin to vote, the better the world will become. And, make your friends get in on this voting thing, too. 

Stage Cross, a painting

My painting is complete!

One of my goals was to make this a painting that was highly reactive to light. The amount of light and direction you're standing determines how this painting looks. More sharp light or angle, more sharp points. Also, the actual light in the room determines how well you can see the red seats in the background. She's a character from my book.

Painting is a skill I am taking up because I want to be better at it. I'm new, so I've still got a lot to learn. I am happy with this one, though!

Stage Cross

normal light


bright light

face 2, bright

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My Top Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Choices for Fighters Pass 2

Geno from Super Mario RPG

Geno is not the most deserving, but he'd be an interesting character. His moves in his game are very unique and fun. 

Steve from Minecraft

Steve is a gaming icon on the level of Mario and Sonic. His moveset has extreme potential, and his stage would be amazing.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash would be fun to see in the game, as an icon of early Playstation gaming. Imagining him VS Banjo is really cool. I have a good feeling he'll happen!


Ubisoft deserves a spot on the Ultimate roster! No character fits better into this world than Rayman. I'd like to see how they make him float for an amiibo.

Infested Kerrigan from Starcraft

This would be an extreme WTF character. I love playing as the bad guys... Ridley, Bowser, K Rool... Kerrigan is the icon of Starcraft, which was a game that appeared on a Nintendo system!

Dragonborn from Skyrim

To get an Elder Scrolls rep... would be awesome. Give him an axe instead of a sword... shouts, magic, and a dragon.

Dream ideas.... 
Skull Kid
Cooking Mama
Chibi Robo
Ganon (pig form)

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High Executive Arch
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