Twitter had a trend for three-word scary stories tonight (Halloween!), and I thought it was a fun challenge. I legitimately thought up these up on my own; I did not steal these from other users.

Feel free to re-tweet these!

Since this is on my blog, I might explain a bit further here. This one reminds me of the house next door to mine. It's vacant, so how scary would it be to see a shadow of a human in the window?

What if the mirror... almost... followed what you do? Like, the Mirror has a mind of its own...

Blood in the shower is never good, no matter if it comes from the body hanging in it or from your own body.

Ever go to a funeral and get afraid that the body might suddenly move?

What if you heard more than the ocean when you put your ear to the shell?

Walk into the kitchen... every single drawer is open. That would be so creepy.

Anyway, have a happy Halloween.

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