This is January. This is Sparta (morelike madness, truly).

So, I do two separate blogs at the moment that talk about my month. This one you’re on is about my personal life. If you care more about my writing life, head right over here.

It’s hard to talk about my month without talking about the writing aspect, but I’m going to try.

January was a bad month, but I don’t think February will be. I don’t know why, but all month I’ve been in a funk. I nearly died at the beginning of it, and I mean that literally. I was in a car-sliding-race-to-the-death during the icestorm, traveling home from DC. It was awful and traumatic. I think that started me off wrong.

I’ve been doing nothing but reading for the past week. I’m working on the Song of Ice and Fire series, AKA Game of Thrones. It’s awesome, but I’ve hardly wanted to do anything else. I went out for coffee with a horror photographer, who was way cool but I just don’t feel like I’m in the mood to date anyone right now.

I’ve been teaching myself piano. No, really. I’m getting better! I think I like it because of the challenge. I stopped playing guitar much because I felt like I hit the level of talent I wanted. I didn’t have a care to learn how to be better at it, so the fun of growing in talent left me. Piano is new and I have to learn from the ground up, so it’s fun. I hope to come out knowing a few fun tunes to bust out at parties.

What else? Man, I’m just looking forward to the future.

I’ve decided to go back and get my masters in the fall. I want to work the summer job with Clayton again, and then get back in school. I hope to work an assistanceship, go to grad classes, and then work at the AMC up there by night. That should keep me plenty busy, anyway! I want to move onto campus if possible. Depends on the costs and availability.

I am probably getting a car soon, so hopefully that should make me more mobile. At the moment, I think I’m feeling a little trapped by my situation. But, I have a plan to get myself out of it all! I also need to lose weight… ehhh… Lots to focus on, but I’m serious about the weight thing. Lots of fat people like me say that they want to change, but won’t. I don’t want to be that person.

Anyway, that’s all for January. Good riddance! I plan on having a better year from here on out, though! I hope you have a good year, too.

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