I typed this out as soon as I woke up

Last night I dreamt that there was a huge car accident. Spots of the Earth had sunken in and the cars were toppled over inside of these craters. Cars were slammed onto the sides of buildings. Figures and limbs everywhere and the red ink--

I was with the cops, walking through, trying to find my new apartment. I opened the door and I was back in Seattle. A huge apartment, spacy and empty. There was a bed the size of a swimming pool but I didn't want to sleep in it because I was afraid of being alone and getting lost. Also, it was by the window and I was afraid that a car might slam through it. So, I locked all the windows. 

Empty, the house was so empty and then I needed to take my car and get out. I had to meet the ghost at the restaurant. I could only turn left and I drove a broken square out and out, spiraling until I found the place. It had red brick shutters and the music was like if you could play a woman's scream on a violin.

I saw the blood soaked bedsheets of the ghost and then I knew why the craters sank and why the apartment was so big and empty and I woke up.

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