Ice Climbers Amiibo

Ice Climbers were cut from Smash Bros., so I knew I'd have to make them to truly complete my amiibo collection. 

I tried using the model from the new IC trophy, but I took a few liberties. I made Nana looking the same way as Popo, and I moved her closer so that I could glue them together. Her tiptoes and hammer touch the base. This was for proper support. I also thought Nana should have less fuzz bumps to separate herself from her brother, and both of the hammers are darker than their usual color. Just my preference.

Here's a few insights into how I made them:
All the spikes on the feet were made separately and glues on. I fluffed the coat by dabbing the clay with soggy clay.

 I made the hammers out of hollow straws so that they'd weigh less than heavy clay. They have toothpicks as frames for support. I used another tooth pick to cut textures of woodgrain.

 I began with the bodies and heads, and all the limbs came after. The arms I allowed to fully dry before attaching them. Also, I used a sewing needle to make a skeleton for Popo's hammer arm. The gloves have the same sort of sewn texture as Dedede's. 

Since Popo was the most self-supporting character, I saved Nana for second when it came to fixing them to the base. I made all their parts at the same time, though, so that they'd look the same.

btw, massive shoutout to /r/amiibo for keeping me entertained lately

My next custom project is going to be BIG. Yeah, that's a hint...

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