Creatures and Monsters of The Unraveler - PART 2

My novel is filled with crazy beasts of my design. On this side project I'm working on, I'm creating nice artwork and describing some of the lesser-seen monsters of my world. So, to show a few of the creatures, I'm compiling a best-of monster list of creatures that exist in my novel.

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Description: Munlo are one of the most eaten creatures in the Unraveler universe. They are two-legged lizard-like creatures that are about the size of a pig. They have a taste comparable to bacon, however more chewy. They have a main of white fur along their spines, webbed feet for ease of navigating rivers, and a slithering tail that can latch on to the surroundings. The fangs are defensive, and only rarely are able to kill anyone. The teeth within their mouths are no more dangerous than the teeth of a toothbrush. They are aggressive to deal with, however, the ease at which they reproduce keeps them too valuable of a food source to not use.


Description: Szip originally evolved from living on the hides of giant creatures with rocky husks. Back then, they would use their needle mouths to feed off of blood. After the rocky giant creatures went extinct, however, szip addapted to live in the mountains. Now, they tend to simply go after smaller insects and small mammals for food, but are more often prey themselves (and prey for each other!).


Description: The Bull Latcher is the largest (and scariest) of the three, and is the featured image at the top of this post.  It has evolved teeth and extended spines. It tends to latch on the biggest creature it can find, usually onto animals the size of whales. The Bull Latcher is about as tall as a human. Bull Latchers are the most aggressive, and if a giant predator is threatening its host, it will detach and attack the predator and then reattach to its host if both have survived.

Bewildered Vat

Description: The Bewildered Vat is a very strange creature. It is a slow liquid in a hardened outer shell. The liquid is acidic and poisonous, and it can launch bubbles rapidly to attack. It eats insects and dissolves them into its core. As strange as it may appear, it actually is fairly intelligent, having a soupy brain that is comparable to a sloth's. People have given this creature several nicknames, including, Death's Soup, The Living Cauldron, and the Reaching Pot.


Description: The Arbuscula is a sentient tree creature. It has four spiderlike legs and a great maw of a mouth. Some of the leaves are light-sensitive, which give the arbuscula a sense of sight. Arbuscula come in a variety of appearances and several different tree-breeds have been discovered. Although they are very hostile, they will often sit quietly and wait until their enemies leave. Any small-sized prey, however, will be killed if the risk is low enough.

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