More Kudanites and Master-of-None

My last blog post was partially about kudanites. These are creatures of my own invention, which came from inspiring pictures of seahorses I took. After drawing them last month and also editing chapters in which they are in, I felt so inspired to try my hand at sculpting one out of clay.

Here is the result:

It was modeled after these drawings (which I drew).

Here it is from the front and back. Weirdly flat.

The leg/tentacles were fun to do. The paint is mixed with metallic silver.

I tried to make a creature unlike anything I've seen in lit before.

The stand is a mint-container, loaded with rocks.


I have always excelled at art. I love painting, sculpting, writing, song composition... etc. But when I decided to become a writer, I knew I'd need to focus to actually master it. I didn't want to be the doer-of-all, master-of-none. So, I quit most of the other types of art I made. When I get the itch, I try to scratch it within the realm of my writing projects. This was that. I needed to sculpt, so I did something for my book.

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