Mac’s El Capitan update is terrible and frustrating

I just wanted YouTube to work on Firefox.

That’s all!

I have so many bookmarks and systems saved to Firefox, that I really did not want to move to Chrome. I love watching Internet videos, though, and the updates I needed FORCED me to update to the new Mac OS, El Capitan.

My videos work now, but here’s everything that has stopped working:

1. My scanner no longer links to my computer directly. My Mac cannot see my scanner. I’ve tried everything. This sucks for me because I use my scanner all the time.

2. Image Capture does not find any of my hardware. Yes, I have Googled this problem and found written solutions, but none of them have worked.

3. Everything is slower. Windows and documents and pictures now take waaaaaaay longer to load. My desktop chugs to try and load icons.

4. I can no longer use calculator at a quick whim. I know there’s this new side-window thing now, but it takes too long to load and the calculator must be clicked to select it.

5. The green circle at the top left corner of my windows now expands everything to fullscreen mode. I hate full screen mode with a passion. So, now, to get my windows to size properly, I have to drag the corners to where I want them. Apple, I hate you.

6. The new Itunes is always awful, but this is getting ridiculous. Somehow, Apple thinks I want to stare at giant icons and album artwork. I don’t! If I wanted album artwork, I would have bought a physical copy of the disk! I want my lists! Itunes is getting worse and worse. Heck, I’ve even downloaded Winamp for Mac… All I need is a new Podcast service, and I’m done with Itunes forever.

7. The new update resets all of the little settings I’ve spent years fine-tuning. Little selections like having crop tools not snap to a grid are all reset back to factory-standard. How annoying this is at every turn!

8. And this one is the most annoying. El Capitan hates my keyboard. I’ve always hated the flat Apple-ified keyboard that comes with the Mac. I need to feel a button press down. Also, I hate wifi keyboards because they are always shotty. I’m a writer; I don’t want to write an entire novel on a crappy flat keyboard or with something that requires a new battery every two hours. I need wired keyboards that have buttons that feel right. So, I use standard keyboards. However, now, every time my screen saver pops up my keyboards goes to sleep and can only be resuscitated by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. It’s so frustrating! I turn my screen off every time I leave, and I have a password lock so that nobody else snoops in it while I’m away. Now, however, I cannot key my password without unplugging and replugging in my keyboard each and every single stinking time. GRAAAH!

Summary: El Capitan is so terrible that I’m pledging right now to make my next (and soon approaching) computer purchase a Windows PC.

Apple, if you find this somehow and want to help me solve these issues and make me reconsider my loyalty to you, please email me at

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