KING: my concept for a TV series


With shows like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and Gotham bringing such creepy characters and worlds into the average TV-watcher’s home, I feel like there could be a good market for a show idea I’ve had:


The concept of this show would be that all of the horrors that Stephen King created are unleashed onto the town of Bangor, Maine at once, and a hero must stop them.

Stephen King’s novels have always had semi-shared universes and themes. Weird parallels and sort-of-dimensional doors connect the books. Wouldn’t it be fun if the evil people/monsters from the books met on an ensemble TV show?

a Batman-like detective/crime fighter
Now, the title of the show, KING, could refer to both Stephen himself and the main antagonist of the show, The Crimson King, who brought the other villains into this shared universe. Of course, the show wouldn’t be canon to the novels, but a fun what-if scenario.

Other villains could include:
Randall Flagg
Collie Entragian
Jack Torrance

There are a million others that would be great to have.

But for heroes, I would suggest an all-new character, so that readers would know that this is not a retread of the old stories, but an all-new story. Sort of like how Batman is a detective who is powerful enough to fight his crazed all-star enemies, this new hero would have to be inquisitive and yet strong, a match to these semi-supernatural villains.

Another idea is that the leading hero could be Ben Hanscom from It. He would be the one with the resources and knowledge to fight.

The other idea might be to have a villain as a protagonist. What if the series followed Randall Flagg in his attempt to overthrow the Crimson King?

Just an idea. What do you think?

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