The Rocket League Phenomena

The game sounds kinda stupid. I mean, car soccer. Honestly, it looks a little stupid, too. It’s big, empty arenas with a ball. Most of the promo artwork sports the generic cars.

I never gave the game a second glance, until one day I walked into GameStop. I fiddled with the demos on the PS4, and tried the game (I had heard people talk about it, but the concept just didn’t appeal to me).

The demo was such a blast to play. Rocket League’s controls are tight, perfected. The game is FUN. When you punch a goal, just right, it feels like you’re a star athlete in this imaginary sport.

I’m sorta frugal when it comes to entertainment. I don’t buy every game. The games I do buy, I usually put hundreds of hours into, obtain all the trophies, and do almost everything there is to do. I like knowing that I’m going to get a lot of bang out of my buck.

The Rocket League demo, however, was so much fun that I bought it as soon as I got home, also, I got PS+ to do online.

The game is awesome. Online has been almost flawless. I hardly ever get lag. I’ve played with my friends. I’ve made new online friends. Etc. Etc. I LOVE the game. Totally worth 20 bucks.

 I wish that there was more of everything.

While I wish this was a fully-featured AAA ($60) game, with more modes and ETC, I doubt I would have made the leap if it wasn’t at the $20 price point. Now that I have it and love it, I wish that there were more modes, features, and trophies to collect. Isn’t that weird?

My favorite modes are Chaos (which is 4v4) and Snow Day (which is an icy arena with a hockey puck and heavier physics). They’re adding Hoops (basketball) soon, and I’m really excited.

I think that the one thing that needs to be fixed about this game is the scoring. Defense moves can be just as important as scoring goals, and yet making an epic save doesn’t net you the same points. I love playing goalie, defensive, however I always rank at the bottom of my team because I stay behind, playing opportunist. Most of my goals are assists from knocking the ball back to the other side. I wish I made more points for saves.

I would also love an Ultra-Chaos mode. Like, a double-sized arena with a faster ball, quicker-charging boost, and 7v7. Another good idea is a Rocket Labs arena build like a monster truck rally with ramps all over and dirt.

Anyway, I love this game. Go buy it!

OXYBORB.COM Official Review Score for Rocket League: 9.0/10 

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