May Dreaming

My dreams:

I swam down into a hole at the bottom of a swimming pool. Inside, there was a path through a cave and then a skeletal dragon burst out, several times, sending bones and stalactites to crash into the walls. I called to my friends on the other side of the cave. We ran to get out and there was a ship at the bottom of the water. We dove up for air and searched the railing with our feet to find the hole. We climbed out of the swimming pool again.

Apparently this was a swimming pool inside a church, and the church was run by two ducks that were nuns. But not just ducks, ducks that were also balloons. They asked me and my friends to find the plastic people at the bottom of the deep end of the pool. 

I flew down to the bottom and then jumped high out of the water, gliding onto the top of a podium, which topped a stacked pile of church pews 40 feet in the air. The balloon ducks were at the bottom and they began to wobble the furniture. I was very scared of falling. They requested I dropped the plastic people, and I did, but I was getting angry because they kept wobbling the furniture I was standing on. I almost fell.

Finally, I flew down and left the church, but the ducks were mad at me for scolding them about the church pews. They attacked me by biting me with their beaks, but it didn’t hurt because it was only balloons, after all. I ran out and held the door behind me. The ducks were trying to bust out of the church. If they came out and attacked, I knew I might pop them, but I didn’t want to. I had my friend hold the door while I ran to the car and then woke up.

Wrote that. Went back to bed:

Dreamt that a flash flood swept down my street, sweeping away all the cars. I went out looking for mine. It was hanging by a rope over the edge of a cliff. I pulled it up, somehow it was light, and it was nothing more than a frame, completely destroyed, even the blue paint gone. It was white as a skeleton. I yelled in my dream about how I had just finishing paying it off until I woke up.
I typed both of those dreams out when I woke from them, then went back to bed. Rereading it now, it’s weird to see that my first dream ended with a car and my next dream was about a car. Now, it’s storming outside and I’m about to get in my car and face the water. Hrm.

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