The Squid Lady, a painting

So, just as an extra project, I’ve been painting. Here it is, finished:

darker lighting
* * * 

It was an awesome process to create, spent about a month doing it. She's actually a character from my novel, The Unraveler. I created her as a character a LONG time ago, and one of the first renditions of her was in a play I wrote. Her dress is all squid themed.

Being that she's a part of my novel, I also scanned her in and made a logo graphic:

* * *

 The actually finished painting is 3D! I'm all about inserting sculpture into painting. So, her tentacles all pop up and stuff. Her arm is like it's in the process for swinging up, making the viewer wonder who she's aiming at:

 * * *

I also wanted to document my process here, to show what I did.
I made the canvas myself out of scrap wood and cardboard
Painted black for a base
I knew she'd be 3D, so I painted it on hard plastic that'd keep it from breaking
pink base, gold light and blue for shadow

cutting out the parts

I looked at actual squid skin to design the tentacle. Took forever to paint white dots and fill them with black dots

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