Life Update 2K18

me and my girl at St. Patrick's day.
She found that hat I'm wearing
and forced me to wear it

I haven’t done a blog about my life in a while, so I figured it’s time to do a new post.

So, it’s nearing the end of April, which means one more month until my school lets out for the summer. That means I get my first paid summer off.

I already know the major event I have planned: Traveling to Japan!

I’m soooooo excited! My cousin and his wonderful family moved there, so me and my girlfriend are going to go stay with them. We’ve already lined up a bunch of fun touristy places we want to go, WHICH INCLUDES DISNEY SEA!!! I’m super hyped to go to Disney! Disney Sea is a park that is only located in Japan, so this’ll be a cool experience.
me on the stage at The Muny

I’m a bit scatter-brained, so here’s a bunch of random things I want to mention that have happened this year:

I got a backstage tour of The Muny and had lunch with the president of The Muny and many top people. I got to do this because I obtained three internships for my students. It was very cool!

I made this for my tech crew students to sign
so they could leave a mark on the school
my old HS used to let tech crew
sign the wall of the light booth
Also, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for half a year, which is great! I’m so happy to have her. We’ve been going on fun adventures nearly every weekend.

On a sad note, three of my longtime family pets passed away. My poor cats, Minerva and Melisandre, and my dog, Conner. Poor babies.

me at Prom
I won a trophy at work.

I went to my first prom as a teacher.

I’ve been playing D&D with an amazing group of friends. I’m playing a gnome wizard.

I guess those are the big things, more or less.

I’m sure I’ll post a bunch about Japan when I get back from it. It’s going to be an amazing trip!

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