My Top Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Choices for Fighters Pass 2

Geno from Super Mario RPG

Geno is not the most deserving, but he'd be an interesting character. His moves in his game are very unique and fun. 

Steve from Minecraft

Steve is a gaming icon on the level of Mario and Sonic. His moveset has extreme potential, and his stage would be amazing.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash would be fun to see in the game, as an icon of early Playstation gaming. Imagining him VS Banjo is really cool. I have a good feeling he'll happen!


Ubisoft deserves a spot on the Ultimate roster! No character fits better into this world than Rayman. I'd like to see how they make him float for an amiibo.

Infested Kerrigan from Starcraft

This would be an extreme WTF character. I love playing as the bad guys... Ridley, Bowser, K Rool... Kerrigan is the icon of Starcraft, which was a game that appeared on a Nintendo system!

Dragonborn from Skyrim

To get an Elder Scrolls rep... would be awesome. Give him an axe instead of a sword... shouts, magic, and a dragon.

Dream ideas.... 
Skull Kid
Cooking Mama
Chibi Robo
Ganon (pig form)

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