I support you!

Right now, I'm trying to listen, educate myself, and see, more than give my (frankly, unneeded) opinion. But, I wanted to say this publicly.

I stand with Black Lives. I recognize that systemic racism needs to be addressed immediately.  George Floyd was murdered in cold blood.

I've been thinking about my students a lot. With COVID-19 leading to an early summer break, this'll be the longest I go without seeing them in person. To you, students, I hope you're well. I see you. I support you. As a white man, I can never know your pain but I will always struggle to try. Stay safe. You are the future, the ones that will decide where this country goes next. We're counting on you to eradicate racism, because my generation surely has failed you.

VOTE! That is such a huge thing. Voting is the key to changing this country. The younger you begin to vote, the better the world will become. And, make your friends get in on this voting thing, too. 

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