Sunday, February 9, 2020

My Top Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Choices for Fighters Pass 2

Geno from Super Mario RPG

Geno is not the most deserving, but he'd be an interesting character. His moves in his game are very unique and fun. 

Steve from Minecraft

Steve is a gaming icon on the level of Mario and Sonic. His moveset has extreme potential, and his stage would be amazing.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash would be fun to see in the game, as an icon of early Playstation gaming. Imagining him VS Banjo is really cool. I have a good feeling he'll happen!


Ubisoft deserves a spot on the Ultimate roster! No character fits better into this world than Rayman. I'd like to see how they make him float for an amiibo.

Infested Kerrigan from Starcraft

This would be an extreme WTF character. I love playing as the bad guys... Ridley, Bowser, K Rool... Kerrigan is the icon of Starcraft, which was a game that appeared on a Nintendo system!

Dragonborn from Skyrim

To get an Elder Scrolls rep... would be awesome. Give him an axe instead of a sword... shouts, magic, and a dragon.

Dream ideas.... 
Skull Kid
Cooking Mama
Chibi Robo
Ganon (pig form)

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

new painting project

Part 1 - the project begins

Part 2 - mostly just doing the bottom color layer so far, no textures
I'd say I'm 15% done. I'm going to take my time and enjoy the process

Part 3 - been snowed in so I've taken time to paint
25% done currently, background is mostly complete. She's in a fancy theatre, POV is from backstage looking out towards an audience. The flashing is my surreal idea of her imagination picturing people adoring her from the empty seats, which can barely be made out because the house is dark.
Haven't worked on the actual woman part, other than flat back coloring so don't judge her too harshly yet.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

After Game of Thrones—Where does Jon Snow go?

I am not a fanfic writer, yet this is my second-ever fanfic. The last one was here, but this one is based on Game Of Thrones, more the TV show than the books (although I’m a book reader, so there is some infused in this). I was dreaming about what would happened after the show’s ending. So, this is that. I had a cool idea, and I started typing it, and it became a short story. Enjoy!


SPOILERS! Don’t read this if you haven’t read/watched everything A Song Of Ice And Fire/Game Of Thrones related.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Drawing 2

previous: drawing 1

This is an abstract dog. I like to put body parts out of order when sketching. Some famous artists focus on teeth or ears. I don't have a focus, so it jumbles up.

I like this one. Really just started drawing this with new pens of varying stroke widths. Mother and son, I suppose. 

I also like this one. It's an eyeball (maybe that's my focus, huh?) that is also a rain cloud. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Drawing 1

This one was a failed experiment with color. I don't really like how it turned out, but failure is a learning experience. Tried to use odd colors for shaders.

The messed up thing on this one is that bird legs bend the other way. I still like what I was going for. Still, a color experiment. Eyeturtle. 

I drew this for my mom. She likes giraffes. 

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Monday, February 18, 2019

2018 Game of the Year


Want to know who won in other years? Here’s the 2017201620152014, and 2013 list.

Played some games this year. Shout out to Planet Coaster, Breath of the Wild, Plants VS Zombies 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Tower Defense King, Pokemon Go. Guess I didn't play all that much. I've been pretty busy (going to Japan, running shows, writing...).

The Oxyborb Blog Game OThe Year for 2018

Dungeons & Dragons 5E - Planar Sphere

This is an unusual year for GOTY on my blog. But I have to say that my choice is the D&D sessions I've been playing with my friends, namely my DM Kyle. Dude has been putting his heart and soul into making one insanely epic tabletop game! He has about a billion people playing together (many different groups converging). It's been a blast to sit and roll dice with a bunch of cool artsy-peeps. 

My character is Jor R. R. Molken. He's a gnome wizard, specializing in conjuration. He loves grease, web, and other ridiculous spells. He used to be evil, but he's since had a change of heart (witnessing a few other player characters doing absolutely bonkers stuff). 

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

School's Out For Snow

Feeling a bit lonely this morning. It's cold. The Midwest is going through some negative twenty degree windchill, and I'm just sitting around and thinking. Maybe some of the things I've got boiling in my brain are better said with a guitar. I don't know.

Vague rhymes with plague. Not sure that matters, but I've typed the second enough yesterday. I miss sledding.

This is my second snow day in a row, sorta. Yesterday was more of a cold day. But, I miss going sledding. Haven't been since I was a kid. Don't own a sled. It snows less than it used to. I've noticed that you never see those orange-jack-o-lantern garbage bags to bag leaves with in stores anymore, mostly because the leaves don't change in October anymore. Used to be, there'd be nearly a week of snow days in a row. Now, there's only usually one a year, and it ain't even that bad.

Was supposed to work a Shakespeare play this morning, but that got cancelled. Would have been nice to enjoy it. Macbeth. In the state I live in, I only ever talk to people about work. When snow blocks the bridges over the Mississippi, I am behind the moat.

Snow days were for video games. Today, games get harder so that you'll spend money to buy fake currency so that you can buy boosts that allow you to win. Weird. Used to be bonuses were unlocked by entering cheat codes, now you enter credit card numbers. Sledding was free, what happened to that?

It's nice to have someone to go to the movies with. But it is cold.

Monday, December 31, 2018

VIDEO: Journey to Japan

So, back in June, I went to Tokyo with my girlfriend. Click this to see a blog post I wrote awhile back! 

Recently, however, I had time to finish compiling a video. I took a billion hours of footage, but I wanted to trim it all down into one well-edited video of my entire adventure to Japan. 

This video is still 38 minutes long, but it goes day-by-day over the ten I stayed there. 

My fav highlights: Monkey fight, cat karaoke, and our plane rolling on our flight home. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Six Pics from my Month

autumn selfie

my workshop, cleaned mid construction

bought my mother these as a birthday gift, hid them in her cabinet

true art

oh yeah it snowed and the school I work for shutdown for the day

the musical set I worked for months on! Whew!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

"Bakkaddit Ballet"

I drew a ballet, of sorts. It kind of sums up my life at the moment.

Sometimes I call myself the master juggler. I just get called upon to do all sorts of random things. Not to be vague, but it's true. When you're fat, and you try to get back into working out, your body fights against you. The pains come. You worked too hard too fast and you pinch a nerve and cannot move. You give up.

That's not exactly what this drawing is about, but similar. I want to do all the things, but I know success, true sky climbing success, comes from tunnel vision.

"Where I want to be" perhaps never should be where you are, in a way. If you're exactly where you want to be, then what point is there to going anywhere? What do you look forward to? I guess I'm not yet where I want to be, but I'm where I need to be right now. Dancing between the tiles, avoiding hot lava where I can.

Just gotta figure out how a master juggler can have tunnel vision. 

Sunday, September 30, 2018


I am
is a powerful statement, right?
Declaring who/what you are.
Period. Air tight.
I suppose creating yourself
is a better way, right?
I am ____________.
long hair
when to care
I am the authority on me
I will be
I can be
whatever I say
I am a man.
I’m not perfect but I try hard
wherever I can.
I am an artist,
a writer,
long hair
an autumn spirit
a run-on sentence.
I tend to hear it
said I’m I’m
Air tight.
I’m letting myself go
But, no,
you’re right

Friday, August 3, 2018

JAPAN! Journey overseas!!!

there's a blog at the bottom of this post detailing my trip
at a Pokemon Center under the Skytree
A giant robot snake fighting a robot tank
a shrine on a mountain
one of the buildings on the mountain

I went to Japan back in June, and it was an amazing experience. I stayed mostly in Tokyo. Here's a blog of my adventures:

A blog of our day-by-day adventures:

June 9: Flight there - 1 hour and 40 minutes to Canada, then 13 to Tokyo

June 10: Our plane landed in Tokyo and we ate food and went to bed around 9:30.

June 11: Cari, Rachael, her kids, and I went to Joyopolis, which was like a Dave & Buster's place, because the museums we initially were thinking were closed, it was very rainy. We ate awesome donuts in the subway, very Japanese style. Later that night, we went to sushi with Dan and his son.

June 12: Cari and I took the eldest son to the Meiji Jingu shrine. Later, Dan took us to Akihabara, which is like he center of Tokyo's geek culture.

June 13: We wanted a slower/rest day before Disney tomorrow, so we did more close-range stuff. Rachael and her kids took us to an amazing restaurant where you order through a vending machine. We accidentally ordered 2 beers which we meant to order chicken, but the beers were really fantastic so it was a happy accident.

June 14: Disney Sea! A Disney park only in Japan! It was literally the perfect Disney day. Cloud cover enough to keep it cool but still be bright, parking right up front, first in line to go into the park, no waiting in hardly any lines for any ride (except Tower of Terror), and we won a ticket lottery for a special show and got seats in the front! A wonderful day!

June 15: We went swimming and hot tubbing at a hotel. Very relaxing after a Disney day. Cari and I did a solo walking tour of Shibuya, eating a bunch of random things.

June 16: The whole family went with us to Mount Takao. A mist covered the mountain as we climbed, vanished as we descended. We reached the top and rang a bell at a shrine. Saw real monks. Also, we got to feed monkeys. Truly a special day, one of my favorites.

June 17: Rachael was an amazing planner, and did a tour for us of a beautiful city garden, followed by a boat tour down the river, and then ending at the Skytree. We did some shopping and the mall got evacuated for a fire, haha! Saw the Pokemon Center.

June 18: Rachael and her kids took us to an arcade and then to Karaoke. I played Mario Kart with her kids and more claw machines. We sang a bunch of Disney songs after. Later, the adults went to the Robot Show in Shinjuku. It was really ridiculous and amazing.

June 19: Cari and I took one last solo trip through Shibuya and ate lunch at a noodle place. Then we did a 12 hour flight back to Cananda, 2 hours to STL. The flight home was better but left us jetlagged. Cari's folks picked us up and took us to Denny's. Whew!

Truly, this was an amazing trip, one we'll never forget! Thanks to Rachael and Dan and their kids for hosting us and making this special!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

f l o a t 2 0 1 8

went on a float trip

Blue Springs Ranch, very good spot

I swam most of the way, to be honest. Felt good to swim

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ghost Tour - Lemp Brewery areaI don

I don't believe in ghosts, but I find them fun

smallest STL haunted house, Aquafina bottle proves ghosts live here

I like this pic I took, that cloud

didn't see any ghosts, but I hold out hope

Lemp Mansion is a Pokemon gym

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Life Update 2K18

me and my girl at St. Patrick's day.
She found that hat I'm wearing
and forced me to wear it

I haven’t done a blog about my life in a while, so I figured it’s time to do a new post.

So, it’s nearing the end of April, which means one more month until my school lets out for the summer. That means I get my first paid summer off.

I already know the major event I have planned: Traveling to Japan!

I’m soooooo excited! My cousin and his wonderful family moved there, so me and my girlfriend are going to go stay with them. We’ve already lined up a bunch of fun touristy places we want to go, WHICH INCLUDES DISNEY SEA!!! I’m super hyped to go to Disney! Disney Sea is a park that is only located in Japan, so this’ll be a cool experience.
me on the stage at The Muny

I’m a bit scatter-brained, so here’s a bunch of random things I want to mention that have happened this year:

I got a backstage tour of The Muny and had lunch with the president of The Muny and many top people. I got to do this because I obtained three internships for my students. It was very cool!

I made this for my tech crew students to sign
so they could leave a mark on the school
my old HS used to let tech crew
sign the wall of the light booth
Also, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for half a year, which is great! I’m so happy to have her. We’ve been going on fun adventures nearly every weekend.

On a sad note, three of my longtime family pets passed away. My poor cats, Minerva and Melisandre, and my dog, Conner. Poor babies.

me at Prom
I won a trophy at work.

I went to my first prom as a teacher.

I’ve been playing D&D with an amazing group of friends. I’m playing a gnome wizard.

I guess those are the big things, more or less.

I’m sure I’ll post a bunch about Japan when I get back from it. It’s going to be an amazing trip!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

2017 Game of the Year

So, this list isn’t a list of my favorite games that released in 2017… this is a list of my favorite games I played this year. Some are old games that I just finally got around to, some are new games.

Want to know who won in other years? Here’s the 2018201620152014, and 2013 list.


My favorite games spanned a very large pool of genres this year. RPGs, demi-sports games, 3D platformers, open world GTA-style games, stealth, city builders, top down RTS, detective games... This year was one of the best ever for gaming, no joke. It's been a busy year, and my tastes have been all over. 

So, without further ado, my 2017 list of favorite plays (in no particular order):

I'm the BIGGEST Banjo-Kazooie fan, so this game was a no-brainer for me. I loved playing this game, and I 100%'d it. There was a bit of turmoil, with a game-breaking bug that kept me from getting the last Pagie until the patch came months later, but I liked everything except that. It was surprisingly hard in some spots, a little cheap in others, but fun all around. I can't wait for what this dev does next.

Watch_Dogs 2
I picked this one up mostly because I trust Ubisoft with open world action games. I liked the look of it, and the style as just what I wanted. Mostly stealth, this game requires you to go into buildings or areas and obtain hacker-y stuff. Using a few drones and hacker tools, you complete objectives. Players are rewarded for avoided the use of guns... you're not unlikely to die with guns blazing. But stealth is key. The threaded in online was surprisingly fun too. It's woven into the mostly singleplayer game. Players just pop in and out of your world. Very cool. Characters and story were good too.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
Got this free with a preorder (which, strangely ended up being cancelled because it was delayed so much), but I loved it. Feels like Super Mario RPG but with South Park characters. Really funny humor, good story, just the right length of game. 

Batman Arkham VR
My friend let me borrow his PS VR, so I played this. It was fantastic. I got all the trophies and secrets. Made me want a bigger Batman VR experience, honestly. I loved solving the puzzles. This developer is amazing. 

Rocket League
Once again, this game is on my list. The reason is BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS FUN. I respect this game dev because they continue to add stuff to this game, much of it is completely free, too. I can always play a round of RL and have a very enjoyable experience. 

Honorable mentions: (still just games I played in 2017, not necessarily released)

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator - played but really enjoyed watching it played on YouTube. The game dev because FNAF is one of the best devs out there atm. Smart storyteller. 
Just Cause 3 - got as a freebie with PS+, very fun open world - need to finish it!
Batman Arkham City/Knight - replayed after playing Arkham VR, still amazing games
Skyrim PC + Mods - replayed a bunch on my new gaming PC, still a wonderful game, mods add so much more!
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - played the demo a hundred times, waiting for the full release
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate - a solid game that is fun to take over the city
Starcraft - replayed and enjoyed
Banished - a fun few hours on STEAM
Destiny 2 - got as a freebie with my new gaming PC's video card, fun dungeon crawler
Mario Run - I enjoyed playing this on the go
Portal 2 - rented this from my local library and had a blast, load times were awful though
Steep - felt like skiing, played this instead

The Oxyborb Blog Game OThe Year for 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn

This game really took the gold this year in every way. One of the best stories ever written for a video game, mixed with very refined gameplay. I'd never cared for the games this dev made before this, so it surprised me how good this is. 

There's so much to love about this game that it's hard to put into words. The beauty of the landscape, the realism of what could happen, the sci fi that blows the mind. Yeah, this game will be talked about for years to come. Play it immediately. My review.

So, I guess that’s it for 2017. Let me know what you think in the comments, in fact, tell me what your personal GOTY was!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!