Idea Brainstorm 1: Improving the World's Businesses with Creative Ideas

The goal of this blog post is to simply brainstorm a bunch of random ideas that could be potentially used for actual businesses. I don’t know what I’m going to write here. It’s all just random ideas I come up with while thinking about the world and what the world needs. It’s really just a thought/creativity exercise. Businesses, feel free to use these ideas, free of charge. All I ask is for a credit, somewhere somehow. Alright, here we go:

The inside cardboard ring on blue painter’s tape should contain several “wet paint” easy-peel stickers.

There should be more than 3 starter pokémon to choose from. In fact, there should be hundreds of randomly generated options. I’m getting sick of every player having the same three pokémon on their teams.

Starbucks should make coffee ATMs. Insert card, get coffee and a cakepop.

E-books should scroll smoothly. The concept of “flipping pages” seems to be archaic.

Washing machines should also contain drying hardware inside. Like, they’re both spinning machines, why can’t one device be created that both washes and dries? It would be nice to set the machine to do both and not have to go check it. Also, there should be a sensor that can detect exactly when clothes are dry, so that it can continue drying wet clothes or stop drying dry clothes.

Build-A-Bear should sell pre-stuff Bear Parts—arms, legs, heads, feet—that have strong magnetic inserts to connect them, so that kids can play-construct their bears at home (which would remind them of Build-A-Bear’s fundamental gimmick) and swap out parts (which would make kids want to buy new parts).

The Postal Service should be closed entirely and left to private companies to handle—in replacement, every person with a social security number should get a email address where they can get “mail.” This would save a lot of trees.

Driver’s licenses should be available in app-form for your smartphone.

Stephen King should write a book about his own death—only to be released upon his death. It should explain It all.

We should be cloning endangered species, like, now. Also, all meat should be synthetically made within 20 years—and killing animals for food should be outlawed for human consumption.

Super Smash Brothers should never include random-tripping ever again.
If there are gun-carrying laws, why can’t I carry a sword around? Also, battle armor should be common wear.

Deodorant should have a different color near the end—so that I never have to pick up that last chunk off the floor again. Or, how about just a plastic base that locks at the max length?

Movie Theatres should have feet rest bars for every row of seating.  

There should be a dating website that intentionally sets you up with people who you don’t match with or would normally date. Opposites attract, sort of thing. Get you out of your comfort zone.

Facebook should give users the ability to block all games—all at once.

Wizards of the Coast should make an iPad App that makes calculating Battles, turns, and other crazy ass statistics easy. They should make NFC “data disks” that sync up with this iPad app, that would automatically know what was rolled on top of it with NFC dice. Also, the app should save custom-monster data created by the DM, yet also have randomly generated leveled monsters for in-game ease of play. It could also be programmed to play certain playlists when a battle is begun.

Wifi towers should replace all radio towers within the next ten years—radio should just be through the Internet. Also, the Internet should be free for everyone and completely uncensored.

Real life should have Xbox-like achievements.

YouTube should have in-site music creation programs, so that people can easily create and add music to videos.

There should be dish washers the size of toaster ovens for doing small amounts of dishes right after using them. They could be inexpensive, useful for apartments. Fillable with a thermos-sized tank that pops out so you can hold it under the sink. Easy empty base at the bottom. OR Filled with a small connector attached to the faucet and empties automatically with a tube to your drain.

 Thread should be sold with a magnet on the side for needles.

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