Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dime a Dozen, a poem and song by Harrison Aye

We're all just like candles,
We sit on the tables,
We light up,
We burn down,
We die.
We're all paranoid, yes,
We're all just pretending,
We're all just a grain in the rye.
We all need to rise up again, to seek what
We all need to keep in our minds. Forever
We learn or forever doth bring.
We're all for each other or no one at all.
We're dime a dozen.

This was a poem way before it was a song, which is why the song version has two extra lines of lyrics. The important part of this poem is obviously the "We." It's sort of a rebellion, get motivated spirit. Oftentimes, it feels like everyone is purposefully segmented away from everyone else by our political leaders and super-rich corporate owners. More and more, it feels like we're divided, because the more we're divided and fighting amongst ourselves, the less we're fighting against the people at the top.

I just wish people could come together more. Work together for a better future. That's what this song is about.

The video was just shot yesterday, actually. My friend is a directing wiz, and I had a very simple concept: yoyo in random spots, and then edit them together. I edited the footage, which turned out cooler than I was initially thinking about. Gabe is truly smart about getting shots at strange angles. We took 131 different shots during the time, and I was so excited by the footage that I worked late into the night cutting the video together so I could upload it.

Weird moment: My friend makes a cameo in one scene, and the two graves near him spell out his first and last name.

Also, the random other guy near the candy machines just went up to us and we asked him to be in our video. Haha. Dude, whoever you were, you were cool. I told him to search for my YouTube channel.

One last note! This is one of those rare songs with a bass solo! I played that!

Song written and owned by Harrison Aye (performs bass, lead vocals). Backup vocals and shredding guitar by Brian Wood and rockin' drums by Scott Weber. Video filmed and directed by Gabriel Fries.

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