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Game Idea: Super Smash Kart

When I first saw the Smash Bros. trailer that revealed Rosalina as a playable character, I honestly thought it was a Kirby reveal for Mario Kart. And, why not? I thought. Kirby would be a very cool unlockable character for the racer. 

I’m not the first person to say that the concept of Super Smash Bros. should translate to other genres of games, but I really want to expand on the idea here on my blog.

How cool would it be if the various Nintendo franchises in Smash Bros. made up the world for the next Mario Kart-type game?

My ideas for standard weapons:

I think that green koopa shells, bananas, and lightning bolts should remain as is.

Red koopa shells should be replaced by Homing Missiles from the Metroid franchise.

The Starman should be replaced by the Hammer from the original Donkey Kong (and Smash Bros.).
Bullet Bills should be replaced by the Warp Star from the Kirby franchise.

Mushrooms should be replaced by Donkey Kong Barrel Rockets

The Bloober ink-shooter should be replaced by Deku Nuts from Zelda

Bob-ombs should be replaced by Smart Bombs from Star Fox

So, that takes care of the standard Mario Kart items. All the ones I didn’t mention should be dropped for the Smash Kart.


New weapon ideas:

Freezie from Ice Climber – In this game, you would toss the Freezie behind you, and as it slides along the track, it leaves a trail of ice. So, the track behind you would become slick and harder to maneuver.

Hyrule Shield + Master Sword – You know how you can get three turtle shells to spin around you for protection? How about the tanuki tail from Mario Kart 7? Well, this is a combination. The shield and sword would rotate around the cart. The shield would protect you, and the sword would attack nearby players.

Pokeball – Throwing this weapon will cast out a Pokémon that attacks any player that drives by. The Pokémon inside is randomized, like in Smash Bros. 

Pikmin – You get 5 random Pikmin. Throw the Pikmin, if they hit another player, they will latch onto them. This will cause them to lose speed.

Pitfall from Animal Crossing – Placed on the ground, this item will trap any player who runs over it in the ground for a second or two.

Screw Attack – This could be a good OP item from Metroid for players who are struggling. It would work like a Golden Mushroom, only the speed bursts also attack nearby players.

That’s it for items. By the way, I don’t think they would do assist trophies for the first game in the franchise. With so many new thing to build, including Pokeball pokémon, I just think they’d save that item for a later game in the franchise.

Now, to the roster.

Who should be in Super Smash Kart?

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Mii

Link, Zelda, Pikachu, Kirby, Olimar, Samus, Fox McCloud, Ness, Captain Falcon, Villager, Pit, and the Ice Climber

But what about Sonic and Mega Man? Well, I think for the first Smash Kart, I would only choose characters owned by Nintendo.

But what about Baby Waluigi??? Some lesser-tiered Mario characters have to go to make room for new ones.

But, that’s only 20 characters! Well… Mario Kart 7 only had 16 characters, and Mario Kart Wii had 25 characters...

20 characters is a good in-between, also, the old Mario Kart games mostly used returning characters. The new game would require a bunch of new characters built from the ground up. So, I feel like 20 is very realistic for the first game in the Super Smash Kart franchise.

I almost picked Marth, but I feel like the more cartoony Nintendo characters would work better. I also feel like Wii Fit Trainer, ROB, Ridley, King Dedede, and Metaknight would be good alternative choices for characters like Captain Falcon or Ness (who are losing popularity). I know that the Ice Climbers are a strange choice in many ways, but I sort of like the idea that there is a classic NES character that is really just a Smash-series exclusive character in the modern times. 

So, where are all of these races taking place? Usually in Mario Kart, you have 8 different cups. The first four cups are all-new tracks, and the second four cups are remade tracks from previous Mario Kart games. Well, as Smash Kart is a new franchise, it wouldn’t really work to have four cups from previous games.

So, I think that there should be five standard cups with all-new tracks.

Deku Cup should replace Mushroom Cup
Barrel Cup should replace Flower Cup
Pitfall Cup is a new cup
Warpstar Cup should replace the Star Cup
Special Cup should remain the same

Deku Cup
Hyrule Fields – An easy stage that treks through the fields from Ocarina of Time, sort of like the first Mario track from Mario Kart. A basic round track that is easy to navigate. No short cuts. Epona can be seen in the distance
Green Greens – a very basic Kirby stage. Perhaps Whispy Woods, the tree enemy, should drop apples on the track.
Super Mario 3D World – a stage filled with transparent pipes to go through
Saffron City – a pokémon city stage

Barrel Cup:
Congo Jungle – a DK stage through the jungles
Icicle Mountain – An Ice Climbers track up a snowy mountain
Fourside – An Earthbound stage through the weird city, with alien ships
Forest of Hope – a Pikmin stage where you feel like you’ve been shrunk down to tiny sizes

Pitfall Cup:
Animal Crossing Town – Leaves could fall from the trees and turn into furniture.
Brinstar Depths from Metroid – Rising and falling lava could make this perilous, also Ridley should be a stage hazard (Ridley should be playable in the second game of this franchise, imo)
Mute City from F-Zero – A high-speed, futuristic raceway with many boosts
Yoshi’s Story – I want to see this as a chalk-drawing sort of world

Warpstar Cup:
Fountain of Dreams from Kirby – King Dedede (who would also be a great choice for a playable alternative) could throw his minions from the walls of a tower
Pokémon Wilds – Sort of like Pokémon Snap, you’d be traveling through the tall grass where wild pokémon live. I imagine seeing a few legendries.
Temple of Time from Zelda – The first half of the track is old, clean, happy Hyrule, the second half is Dark, twisted, Ganon-controlled Hyrule
Venom from StarFox – A stage that leads through space, into the planet core, and then into the final room with Andross. How cool!

Special Cup:
Bowser’s Castle – I feel like Bowser’s Castle has to be in every Kart game. They are always my favorite stage.
Game & Watch Digital Zone – A random stage with Game & Watch, including his Octopus form. I feel like G&W wouldn’t look good as a playable racer because of his flatness, but it would work as a very random stage filled with extra large pixels
Medusa’s Layer from Kid Icarus Uprising – A giant Medusa in the center of the stage would make for a good time
Final Destination – Master Hand will try to knock you off the track

Balloon Battle should return, obviously

However, I’ve also thought of a new mode: Smash Battle

In Smash Battle mode, your goal would be to knock all the other Karts off of the sides of the stages. The stages for these battles would be smaller, without walls on the edges. Everyone has a percentile (%) damage meter like in Smash Bros, and when you’re hit by a weapon, you’re knocked back and your damage meter goes up. The higher the meter, the farther you fly when you’re hit. You could pick either stock-battles or score-battles, like in Smash Bros. Dead players in stock matches would return as bombs, like in Mario Kart 64.

Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome! I dare you!

I would also want a new mode: Boss Battle Mode

It would be awesome to fight some of the evil characters from the Nintendo games. Pig-Ganon, Andross, Bulborb, Hades, Master Hand, the Sun and Moon from Kirby, Kraid, and pick-your-pokemon come to mind. I would hope that this would be either single-player or cooperative online. It might even be cool to have this as asymmetrical gameplay, where one player with the Wii U Pad controls the boss!

Alright, Nintendo! There’s your next big hit! Everyone will HAVE to buy the Wii U for the game I just outlined! Get to work on it! …also… hire me. I have a million awesome ideas just like this one.

 Like my ideas? Hate my choices for characters? Have any good ideas of your own? Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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