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A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones thoughts and predictions, spoilers after the pagebreak

SPOILERS AHEAD. After the jump, I will be talking about the book series called A Song of Ice and Fire. SPOILERS will be said. If you don’t want the books (all five of them!) ruined for you, then stop reading.
No, seriously. Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers. I, personally, HATE spoilers, so I’m trying to be clear that they are ahead. If you keep reading, they will come.


I just finished all five books that are currently out in the series. That’s 4273 pages of writing, and let me tell you, the font is not big. I feel like this is a major accomplishment, and there are at least two more books that are going to be released in the future. So, I thought I’d have a postmortem. What did I think? What are my theories? Etc. Etc. After the pagebreak, I will be saying all, spoilers included. 


click the pagebreak for massive spoilers


lol, ok. I'll stop. Sorry, it’s just that someone spoiled Harry Potter for me, and I was extremely disappointed. My favorite book was the green one. A Storm of Swords, the third book. The ending had SO MUCH payoff. I loved every moment.

Ygritte’s death was masterfully written. You know nothing, Jon Snow. Possibly the saddest moment of the entire book series.

The Red Wedding was less shocking because I had seen the show. In fact, the reason I began the books was because of the Red Wedding. I needed to know what happened after it. For the show, it was the most shocking moment of television/movies I’ve ever witnessed. It freaked me out, majorly. I had nightmares. HBO made it even more gory than it was in the books, which was good.

It’s weird to see the departures from the book. Obviously, the cast is already huge, and to hire so many actors and get so many commitments is probably costly, so it’s weird to see how they’ve had to move characters around so that way certain actors get their screen time.

Books 4 and 5 were good, but difficult. Before I say anymore more, I loved all the books, and I think that this series is amazingly written and worth every moment of your time. Read them, immediately. The TV show is fantastic, too. I've never felt more emotion because of a book tham what ASOIAF has brought me. Now, I will say that I was sad to not be reading about all my favorite characters during my time with Book 4, but then when I began Book 5, I was disappointed with the direction my favorite characters were being pushed in. I miss the Littlefinger VS Varys rivalry. I miss the secrets and squabbles of King’s Landing politics. Without the spider and the finger, King’s Landing is not as interesting.

Tyrion in Book 5 was the hardest part. I mean, the best part of Tyrion is the fact that he gets through situations because he is so witty, but in Book 5 he was being shoved around. He didn’t have a chance to use his wit much, and so his sections weren’t as good as when he was the Hand. I also really, really dislike him riding a pig and acting like a fool. I hate the other dwarf, Penny. I’m glad that part is over. I hope Penny dies/exits the plot.

Dany, too. I like her when she’s badass, and in Book 5, she’s not badass. She’s sort of just dealing with all the BS of running a kingdom. It’s sort of sad. Plus, I didn’t want to her marry that jerk. I hate that she allowed the slavers to bring slaves into her city. I hate that she gave in. If I had to guess, though, I would say that I think that the Shavepate is the Harpy. This is why: the bowl of poisoned food was locusts. Locust was the mask that the Shavepate made his Beasts wear during the mutiny.

My favorite moments from Book 5 were the ones with Stannis and Jon. I love how they interacted, and I loved that Jon helped Stannis. If you think about it, returning Moat Caitlin to the rightful northern lord was exactly what a King should do. That was such a cool idea, and it all clicked in my head.

For the record, I do not believe that either Stannis or Jon Snow are dead. I feel like the letter from Ramsey to Jon Snow was a deception created by Stannis. Jon Snow could go either way, but I choose to believe he will either survive or be resurrected through Melisandre. It would be in keeping with GRRMartin’s writing style to kill Jon Snow right then and there, but I believe that Jon Snow IS the song of ice and fire.

Jon Snow’s parentage, if I had to guess, is Lyanna Stark and Rheagar Targaryen’s child. Ned kept this information from his good friend King Robert because Robert would have killed Jon. Anyway, Stark is the bloodline of ice, Targaryen is fire… so a child between the two families would be the song of ice and fire. That is the reason I believe Jon Snow will live or be resurrected.

AND if he does die and is resurrected, then his duty to the Night’s Watch is over. The vows that the oaths of commitment to the Watch “
shall not end until my death.” Meaning, if Jon dies, he no longer must be a member to the Watch… and if he’s resurrected… he is alive again and free of his oath. Meaning Jon will finally have a chance to go wherever he wants and bring justice down on his enemies.

And now, I will make a series of predictions for the last two books. I am positive that I will be wrong about most of these, simply because GRRMartin is crazy unpredictable, and doesn’t seem to do anything the readers want him to. I also think he leads people on, only to take a crazy direction that nobody expect. I believe he knows what people are predicting, and I believe he purposefully goes against it. So, my making a prediction, I am contributing to my predictions being wrong.

PREDICTION: Dany will die in the last book. I feel this is what will happen. I do not believe that she will be in power by the end. I believe Dany will sacrifice herself to kill the white walkers.

PREDICTION: Bran will forever be in the tree.

PREDICTION: Jojen said that he saw a Stark in Winterfell again, so I believe that Rickon Stark will live to become the lord there. 

PREDICTION:  Jon Snow will meet Howland Reed and learn his parentage. He will join with Stannis and fight for King’s Landing. Upon Stannis’s death, Stannis, as the King he believes himself to be, allows Jon to take the name Targaryen. Jon Targaryen will be the King in the end.

PREDICTION: Tyrion will live and be named Lord of Casterly Rock, as rightful and lawful heir to the Lannister house. This will put an end to the Stark/Lannister war, because Jon likes Tyrion and knows he’s a good person.

PREDICTION:  Samwell will meet Sansa.

 PREDICTION: Sansa will make a decision that shows her loyalty to Littlefinger over her family. Littlefinger will, in turn, have her put to death later.

PREDICTION: Arya will die after everyone on her list is dead. She’s too drunk on murder to survive the series. Perhaps Littlefinger and EvilSansa will be the reason. Perhaps Littlefinger finds her, and Sansa has to make the choice, and she chooses Littlefinger over Arya, causing Arya’s death. The reason I see this as a possibility is because out of all of the people on Arya’s list, the one person that isn’t on it is Littlefinger, although he’s the cause of some of the biggest problems that the Starks had to face (such as Ned’s death, for starters). Perhaps, after that, Arya in the wolf’s body will kill Sansa.

PREDICTION: The Dornishmen are all doomed.

PREDICTION: King Tommen will pick Margery Martell over Cersei his mother. This one is complicated, but the show gave me insight into the direction of the books. I believe that the reason why Margery was drinking moontea, the reason she’s no longer a virgin… is because she had sex with Tommen. I believe, at Margery’s trial, Tommen will admit to it and Margery will be free. Cersei, in turn, will not be pardoned for her crimes and will be sentenced to death. She will not be executed, however, until she believes that both of her children are dead. However, I think that her children might survive and become wards of Tyrion if he takes Casterly Rock.

That’s all I got. Let me know what you think of my predictions/thoughts in the comments!

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