Friday, August 1, 2014

Best Of Miiverse....

Miiverse is Nintendo's Twitter. You can draw pictures about your favorite games and upload them so everyone can see. Sometimes your pictures will even appear in other peoples' games. It's a really awesome idea, and I love contributing to Miiverse. Recently, Nintendo added a feature that allows people to post Miiverse posts to their blogs. So, this is that. My person, BEST OF MIIVERSE! The best of my drawings on Nintendo's social network. Enjoy!
I love MarioKart, so I post there often. This one is about the track Grumble Volcano.
I have a weird artistic obsession with Waluigi, apparently... I feel like he's some sort of rejected Dr. Seuss character or something
This one is from when I started my Wii Fit training. I joined a gym and posted the ideal body I wanted to have... OK, so it's a little ironic to have a video game company helping me to lose weight.
Editing the "Stamps" they allow you to use is fun
Ice Climbers are another reoccurring theme in my Miiverse.
Uhhh.... What if there was Wapeach and WaDaisy and WaYoshi...
Me wishing that Geno was in Smash Bros....
WAAAA. Wario and Waluigi are just so gross, it's funny.
More wishing for the return of the Ice Climbers
This is interpretable. Waluigi is a strange man.
BEG BEG BEG. I really cannot wait to see them.
Playing through Nintendoland... Monita was so annoying...

Best of Miiverse Part 2

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