Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flies in my Brain Web

Here are 10 random things that I have been giving my attention to lately:

a random sketch from the other day
1. My sweet, wonderful, old lady neighbor fell and broke her wrist and hip. I visited her in the hospital the other day. She’s OK, but hates being there.

2. Someone asked me if they could eat my sleeves.

3. I went to the Impractical Jokers liveshow. I had never seen the show, but a friend wanted people to go with and it sounded fun. It was.

4. Incubus’s new song, “Trust Fall” is incredible. My brain has been singing it constantly.

5. My muscles have noticeably gotten bigger from lifting weights since October. I drank muscle milk for the first time yesterday.

6. I was forced to watch a Madea movie for the first time. I did not enjoy it.

7. I recently finished off the last two of Skyrim’s DLC trophies. I can’t believe I’m still playing this game.

8. I’ve been rereading A Song of Ice and Fire. I’ve been listening to podcasts about theories and stuff. I’m obsessed.

9. I had a dream that my bank was trying to get my to invest in mummified dogs as assets.

10. Apparently, telemarketers don't like it when you use a robot voice:

"Sir, you're not a robot."

"Beep. Yes. I. Am."

"Um... sir?"

"Push. One. To. Speak. To. A. Live. Person."

They push 1.

"Beep. Incorrect. Button. Press. Now Transferring. To. Optimus Prime." *drops into a deeper pitch* "We must defeat Megatron."

"F$#& you." They hang up.

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