Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Last Two Months

a panel I went to
This is just a life update post.

The big thing going on is that I suddenly took on a bunch of new responsibilities at work. I was put into a position where I’m making almost all of the decisions for my classroom. I’m working on meeting goals for my students and restructuring a room. It’s been tough work, and I’ve been super busy lately.
met this dude
I went to Comic Con over the weekend, and I met a few cool people. Charles Martinet, Phil Lamar, Tara Reid, George Romero. It was fun, but I have been realizing that I don’t have many friends that are nerds like I am. Really. I mean, I’ve got friends. I like them a lot. We just don’t share the same interests. I went to Comic Con alone because of that, and it made me realize that I need more nerdy friends.

I dreamt that I figured out an online glitch to rig the Russian election, so I made myself the President of Russia. I got sworn in over Skype and they sent me a big desk to work behind. I dreamt that I wrote a facebook status about it, something like, "So, I'm the President of Russia, does that mean I can wear one of those ear-flap hats?" Then I began getting paranoid that the Russian government would take me out for the ruse, and that's when I woke up. It was an odd dream. 

saw this dude
I saved a raccoon’s life. Haha. It was trapped and hurting, and I lifted up a branch and let it run free. It seemed to be find once I got it un-stuck.

I suppose the last thing that was big for me the last few months has been Smash Bros.. I went to a tournament and didn’t lose. Also, I had two blog posts go semi-viral. Check them out, here and here! It was fun to create them, and I’ve gotten more views on those posts than on all of my other blogs combined. I had thousands of views a day for a while.

Looking forward, I have plans to go to a Renaissance Festival and the SOHO music fest. This is happening during my two week summer break, so it should be fun. My school is year round, but we do get two weeks off for summer between sessions. I’m looking forward to E3 and spending some time writing my book.

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