Sunday, June 28, 2015

Emily June Street's THE GANTEAN

I was very lucky to have gotten to read the first book in this new fantasy series early. It's a wonderful book from a talented author, Emily June Street, and it released yesterday. If you've been waiting for a good read, here it is.

It's fantasy, but without the usual fantasy tropes. There's magic, but it's has a unique way of functioning, unlike what you might find in Harry Potter. This book is adult and complex. The perfect book to fall into if you're dying for GRRMartin to release The Winds of Winter.


My review on Amazon:

My favorite books are the ones that drop me into new and unpredictable worlds, where I feel like I’m an explorer in the uncharted wild. The Gantean immerses you into a foreign culture, and it brings that sense of discovery that only the most imaginative of writers can create. It’s an exciting adventure that will live in your brain even after you’ve reached the final page, and I recommend it to anyone, even readers who are not typically into fantasy

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