Saturday, June 13, 2015

SOHO 2015 – Music Festival in Springfield

I drove up with a buddy to a music festival the other weekend. It was fantastic. 

 My friend's band played. They're called, White Collar Recession. It was their first show and they played like they've been doing this for years together. 

My other friend was a director of the event, and he did an awesome job putting it together. This was a big deal! They shut down a huge chunk of downtown for it!

I also saw The Sun and the Sea, which have a few locals I've played with in my old bands. They were awesome! They sold their CDs for 2 bucks each. A steal.

In the middle of the day, I took a self-guided tour of Springfield, just for kicks. I met this guy, Abraham. 

I bought a sweet book from a indie bookseller I wandered into. It was a dollar. It's a pop-up book, which I plan on showing off more on my other blog.

 Being around creatives inspired me to get creative. I drew this based on a pattern I saw on a local's quilt. It looked like it had teeth.
My friend's band

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