Please understand... much the world will miss this man.

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo

What I found at an indie bookseller for a dollar is... Beyond Belief

I am a crazy horror fan. Specifically, I love anything that reminds me that Halloween is coming. I also love books, so when I saw Dracula's face on this book, Beyond Belief, I had to open it up.
What I found inside was even cooler than I imagined!

It's a pop up!!!

Inside the haunted house, there's a seance going on. If you shine a light into the chimney, an apparition appears. Some sort of mirror trick! I love it!

 Big foot.


Dracula! On the flip side of Dracula is a bat that hangs upside down when you close the book. 

There's only 4 pages, but I think it'll make a great coffee table book. It's really fun!

You can buy it on Amazon for cheaps!  This is not a paid promotion; I just really like the book!


Lots of storms in the Midwest. A big part of one of my trees fell over.

Much of my life in July has been trying to set myself into a good routine. I've been eating right, working out, and writing every day.

I'm not great at routine, because I love variety. I guess that's the hardest part. 

The only thing that knocked me off my routine (and he would have said it's no excuse) is that I had a friend pass away recently. He had an awful condition. It really hurts me to think that someone the same age as me is gone because of a disease. It sucks, truly. 

I feel like he could pop up on facebook at any moment and say something snarky to me. I will miss him. I'm going to his visitation today. It's going to be so weird. He would hate the whole thing. He was a metalhead, so any emotional shindig would have made him cringe.

This selfie I took is of my new Fallout 4 shirt. I love Bethesda games so I had to jump on this. It's cool looking, but the material is sorta cheap and it doesn't feel like the size I bought it in. Maybe I should just focus on losing the weight, right? Hah.

This month is going to go by fast. July is summer session at the school I work for, so we don't have any Fridays this month. All four-day weeks. It's really nice. Then we get a little break in August. More time to write, for me. It's not all gloom and doom, I suppose.

oxyborb is now

How cool is that?

When I was in high school, I used to run as a sort of goofy personal site. 

 That's where these random banners came from. I'm just posting them for memory's sake.

Now, I own, and I plan to keep on keeping on. I just want to blog about video games and Halloween and other weird stuff.

Cool beans!

I have more about the Witcher 3 and Splatoon coming soon.

Kudanites and an update

I did some sketches of creatures that appears in my novel:

I had to share them because they turned out so well! 

So, work is still ongoing on my novel. I wrote something very complex, and I have spent much of my time making the cogs fit. My world is giant, so I'm being very careful with its development. I want this world to maintain more than just one book, one story... I want to create a playground that I can return to again and again. I want sound logic in how the weird stuff works.

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and many Nintendo games once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” 

I vowed from the beginning to take all the time I'd need. I thought I'd be done by the end of June. I now hope to be done by the end of the year. I guess the biggest non-writing setback I had was an unexpected promotion at my job. I took on more responsibilities, so I was forced to give up much of my non-work time to get work done. That promotion got easier recently, so my burdens are less. 

I have done something well: every day I've set a timer and completed a certain amount of time editing. So, it's moving.

The last thing I want to mention is that my friend passed away. We went through college together, and often talked books and writing. This is relevant to my novel because he was one of the first people to read over my rough draft and give me feedback, and his input was invaluable. It's gotten me down, but I read over the notes he sent me and it felt like he was speaking to me, alive again. I suppose he does live in my novel, at least a little.

Have a good 4th of July, everyone.