Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sketching with Harrison: Round 1

 So, I like to sketch. As you might have already seen, I like to take an art pen and doodle. Most people pluck out theirs phones and check their notifications when they have a moment of free time; I draw. I don't usually know what I'm drawing until it's out on the page, so that's what was happening here. (I'm not a professional artist, or even a wannabe, I just enjoy it)

 The drawing above began with the teeth. I drew teeth and teeth and more teeth and then I decided that I wanted to try and make whatever it was turn out to be cute and ugly at the same time. I think I succeeded.

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I like to draw random body parts. I know, that's odd, but it's how I practice. The one above was all about how to combine them with eyeballs. 

Arrow man was originally just the line of his jaw, until I decided it looked like a jaw and began to make a head. This would have looked cooler if I had blackened the back of his head more. 

I drew this in a hotel room while my friends were all still asleep. It has be trademark eyedrop that I repeat in art so many times. Sometimes I try to repeat shapes or patterns. He's so happy!

Sometimes I just draw a picture of everything running through my brain at the time. I had been playing Batman, so there he is. Most of the rest of it has to do with Batman, in some way. It's hard to remember where it all came from. I drew this one while sitting awake in a person-I-just-met's apartment in Chicago.

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