Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hogwarts Recreated in Super Mario Maker!

Minecraft, Terraria, Lego... Anytime there is a creativity tool for nerds, there usually ends up being a Hogwarts recreation. There's a good reason for this: Hogwarts is home to many people who fell in love with Harry Potter's world. 

So, when I got Mario Maker, my mind went there. I decided to play my hand at making Hogwarts within the Mario universe. Above is the Hogwart's crest.

You can play it, too! Here is the course ID: 1C0E-0000-00A4-1A1C

Please leave me a star if you've enjoyed it! More stars means more level slots for me to build with! Also, leave a comment here with your username and I will return the favor with stars on your levels! Thanks ahead!


 Here is the astronomy tower. Who is that teacher? Don't kill him!


 The great hall has Dumbledore at the head. Students sit under their house banners, eating a mushroom feast. The ceiling is clouded with the night's sky, and candles hover overhead.

The stairwell, complete with moving paintings. Don't wait too long on the steps, however, as they don't stay put!

Potions! Careful what you drink in this room! Is Snape's hair alive? Why are all his students bombs? 

Quidditch time. Quaffles shoot into the goals. Chain Chomps are bludgers. The golden snitch flies fast!


My favorite part is the Thwamping Willow. Climb and explore, or use the secret tunnel underneath!

But there's MORE! Tons more!

The Owlry, the Gryffindore common room, Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Threstral-drawn carts, the great lake with a boat ride (and the Giant Squid), Herbology class, the Chamber of Secrets, and even Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog are all unpictured here. You'll have to explore the level yourself to find them!
Play it with this code: 1C0E-0000-00A4-1A1C

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