Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Gush, gush, gush.

I loved it.

OXYBORB.COM Official Review Score for Batman – Arkham Knight: 9.6/10 

OK, that out of the way, what I want to talk about is the downloadable content plan for this series of Batman games:

Challenge Naps

 OK, listen up, devs. Sorry to tell you, but challenge maps are lame. We don’t want them. We don’t want to download them. I know there has been a lot of criticism against the downloadable content for this game, but people play these amazing Batman games for the STORY content. The developer needs to use DLC to expand the OPEN WORLD that Batman is in, not add minigames that are a pain to get through.

Skins aren’t wins

…new costumes pointless. Also, whenever I tried on a skin my characters glitched out (their head froze and the speaking animations stopped during cutscenes). Skins make me laugh for a second, but then I switch back to normal Batman. I won’t purchase these for a dumb laugh.



 The only DLC that I will actually purchase is story DLC. Batman AK is a marvel of a game because the story and the gameplay work together so well. Skins and challenge maps are a waste of development time. Make more story. 


Shimmer Vertigollo, a poem by Harrison Aye

Shimmer vertigollo,
wavestaking vibrato,
pulsing tan texture paint
like a drop, dripping pool
refract, loosen.
A man who sees the rattlebreaks and expandifuls
reach into the wall and
I remember the police officers parked in the cornfield nearby. The lights flashed on and I thought I never thought out the way in which this would end. I just wanted to stop and look out—connect the speckles above the country road. The city never turned off to allow shows like these, and the moon could never be full during the threeseason rain. I was told to go but I kept you anyway and the night only got dimmer.
g.g.glisten now,
hear the dusting
kicked around, circuline dancers
str.tch the allmatter,
a curling fingervine.
Makes me tremble, boggle
collapse or t.mble.
Gets me out, makes me
sav.ry makes me
I remember morning moaning and meandering calltalks. I got put off for everything I didn’t want anymore anyway in any stretch of this slippery string of thought. I just wanted to be normal; I wanted the glass teardrop eyeliner streaks down the sides of your faces. I wanted to see your cheeks wet with glass sadness. I wanted you to shatter.
I see now
wheedle carrymores.
High stakes.and frost on flakes,
barrels d.wn the hill casanova
Shatters against the iron walls of indifference.
breaks .gainst th. heritic lyric
toenail cracks on the
I remember the parsed way you told me about love. How four letters shrunk to three: L. U. V. Like popsicle sticks in the craftiverse, towering planets and plants, and the folding arms that made me shiver. All the lip I can bite but nothing does. The whispering man hears me alone and his smile makes me flutter, makes me quiver.
.tav. off t.. bow,,
l.k. a block, blown to b.t., t.u.t
.. now .ow
T.t....d to you. f..t and
b.auty boundca.t .ak.. ..
I remember the feeling of not knowing not caring. I couldn’t move for width or word whichever way I went I did. I lost my balance, and with it my perspective. I touched the wall at nights and felt the high gloss tan apartment paint and pushed through it so hard so very hard. I felt the marble benches and told her what I had read. I walked through the springtime rain and walked through the sounding paths against the scaly rails. I watched the water watched the speckled night and hoped someday they’d shimmer.

My thoughts on the primaries:

I’m a democrat. That’s probably obvious to those of you who know me. I used to have an Obama sticker on my guitar amp (and one on my car) when I used to play in bands. For the last few years, I’ve largely stopped talking about politics in general. It’s just not my thing anymore. I still listen, watch debates (I’ve seen all of them for both parties), etc., but I just don’t talk about it publicly much.

I just think it would be fun to write out my thoughts right before the primaries here in Illinois.

Historically speaking, I realize we’re likely to have a republican president. Also, I’m not a hater. I love my republican friends. My family mostly consists of republicans. America would be a boring place if everyone agreed. Political competition is important to keeping the fire within the American spirit alive. But, I know that the republicans are likely to win this time around, barring any major screw up.

Of the Republicans, John Kasich is the obvious best choice. He’s the only candidate that admits that humans contribute to climate change (which is the most important issue of modern times, imo). He’s the only one that knows that a clean environment and green energy can be done while growing business and jobs (perhaps, he might even see green as an opportunity for the economy?). He seems like someone who will be willing to work with other parties to do positive things.

He won’t, but if he did get his party’s nomination, he would probably win. No, I wouldn’t vote for him, even after giving him praise. Remember, I’m a democrat.

Now, on the other side:

I came into this election a full-blown Hillary supporter.

I am a huge Barack Obama fan. I voted for Obama over Hillary before. Now that he’s on the out, I do feel like Hillary is the best person to continue what Obama has done.

But Bernie is the best person to build upon what Obama has done, and that’s why I changed my mind. Hillary would continue Obama’s legacy, but Bernie would build on top of it. Obama built the framework for a progressive revolution. Bernie has the vision for what should come next.

My decision was a gradual change. When I first began learning about Bernie Sanders, I didn’t want to throw in for him and be seen as just another hipster being predictable. But, hearing him out, I now believe he stands a better chance at winning the general election than Hillary. Voters want someone who isn’t bought at paid for, and Hillary’s emails could be a huge problem for her. Bernie’s path and record seems cleaner, more solid. Nobody’s going to be able to say he’s low energy or a lightweight.

Hillary is great, but in politics like in basketball, you pass the ball to the person on fire. That wasn’t meant as a bern pun, but Bernie is the candidate that is driving the passion for progressives, just as Obama did during his elections. He's simply got the best chance, in my opinion.

Now, if only Elizabeth Warren were VP…
P.S. not looking for debate or heated argument (please note that I was respectful of the other party in this post). Just wanting to record my thoughts. If you comment, be nice.