Friday, November 25, 2016

Fallout Shelter: Ideas For New Rooms

I recently bought a phone, after a few years stretch of being without one. So, I’m playing catch up with all the games you’ve been playing for years. One of those is Fallout Shelter.

As of this writing, I have about 120 dwellers. After 100, there are no new rooms to unlock and the game seems to be thinning out in the scope of future accomplishments. So, I started thinking up ideas for new content that would expand the game’s life.


A new room could be a library. The purpose? To collect comic books and other magazines, also to store bobbleheads. Basically, once built, you will begin to find books and bobbleheads and other collectibles on your adventures into the wasteland. I imagine being able to do a “top 5 display” of each collectable type in the library, which would give you perks based on which comics you display. Like, “Grognac the Barbarian” might give you a “faster strength training” perk. Upgrade the room for more “display” slots.


A robotics room would be another great addition. For every “block” of this room, you can build 1 robot (or turret that you can place somewhere, such as the vault doors). The robots would be security, fire-safety, joke-tellers, mission-goers, or simple workers. They could have stats based on the parts you collect out in the wasteland or craft from junk. Upgrade the room to craft “rare” and “legendary” parts.

Chem Lab

Weird how we have a Fallout game without chems! This can be corrected with a new room. Chems would obviously give your dwellers a boost in the heat of battle. Also, the chem room is a great place to build grenades and other traps (more on this later)! Upgrade the room for “rare” and “legendary” chems to craft.


A new friendly group to enter your vault could be traveling caravans. Build the new storefront room, and merchants will autopopulate the room every once and a while. Sell off junk/weapons/armor to them for better (or worse) prices. Buy specific junk or weapons or design documents from them for high prices. Upgrade the room for better prices and better merchant inventories. 

Security Room

A room designed to fight off incoming swarms of baddies. Basically, this room would provide your dwellers with a boost to defense. Also, dwellers in the room “collect” attract tokens like radio rooms attract new dwellers, and when used, attract tokens initiate specific types of attacks from raiders, ghouls, or monsters. Upgrade the room for better defense and more token storage.

New High-End Storage Room

With all these new ideas for rooms, one thing is certain: We will need better storage. Half my vault feels like it’s filled with storage rooms. I want a new room, like the Super Reactor or Nuka Bottler, which holds waaaaay more than the lower-end rooms for a higher price. A super storage room would allow me to make room in my vault for a bunch of new high-end rooms and also give me more space to store bobbleheads, comics, automatron parts, chems, and any other future DLC that comes my way. It doesn’t even have to be a new room; it can just be several new levels of upgrades for my old storage rooms. 

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