Working on The Wiz

Theatre has sorta taken over my life again. My new job is being a theatre tech director, full time, at a high school. Right now, I'm working on The Wiz.

I guess the challenge with the set design is the fact that there are SO MANY LOCATIONS. I'm trying to build a rolling set, too. To be able to move pieces in and out quickly.

The other hard part is learning how to perfect my skills with the ETC Ion. It's a tricky lighting system, but it feels like learning a new language. I have experience with lightboards, but not this one, so it's a challenge. I really enjoy it, though.

My work space:


Eclipse 2017

I saw the eclipse at the high school I work at.

these photos were taken through eclipse glasses so I didn't damage my phone

the students were all yelling... it was fun!

this was my first eclipse

I really enjoyed it, way cooler than I thought it would be

magical, almost

this is totality with no glasses

there's something primal about seeing an eclipse

next is 2024!

This last one is just a cool photo I saw on facebook that I just had to share. Enjoy!