The Inevitable Super Smash Brothers 4 Character Predictions/Desires

As two new Super Smash Brothers (hereafter SSB) games are in development for Wii U and 3DS, I have been thinking about which characters will be in the game. SSB is my favorite game series. There’s just no other fighter that quite does what SSB does with such class and style. Today I’m going to build my own roster, made up from both my personal desires to characters that I think have a good shot at making it. I’ll discuss characters that I believe will be removed and those that will be replaced. So, let’s get to it!
My roster, drawn by me!
First, I want to start with Ganondorf. Always considered one of the worst characters, Ganondorf has been a clone-character (meaning uses the same moves as another character) of Captain Falcon. While his moveset has never made sense being that he doesn’t have any of his in-game powers, it’s always disappointing to have a character that plays the same way as another character (only Ganondorf is ridiculously slower!). I would love to see Ganondorf replaced with traditional Ganon. Yeah, the pig-like monster with giant tusks. He can be a Bowser-weight and size character, using giant swords and his traditional magical energy balls and magic. I know that Ganon is used as a Final Smash in Brawl, but I think that should be changed to a powerful dark energy attack.

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I’m not a Fire Emblem fan, but I believe that Chrom is the main character in the latest 3DS release. I believe that they will replace Ike with Chrom and keep Marth as is.

I admit that Toon Link will probably return, but since I hate him I won’t put him on my personal roster.

Snake, I believe, will not return. I think that because Metal Gear characters were used in Playstation Allstars Battle Royale, Nintendo will not want for Snake to return.

I also believe that Lucas will not return, because the Earthbound series is becoming less and less relevant. Ness will, however, as he’s been in since the first SSB.

Now, Lucario I won’t say will not return. While it seems like Zoark might be the next “new gen” pokémon to be introduced to Smash, I believe that there might be a cool new feature that allows more pokémon characters to be in the game: I believe that the 3DS version might have customizable Pokémon Trainer characters, which can be transferred to Wii U. With the customizable Pokémon Trainer, you can select up to three pokémon to be switchable, like in Brawl. I believe Lucario might revert to one of these customizable Pokémon Trainer slots, along with Ivysaur, Squirtle, Charizard, and a host of new playable pokémon to unlock on 3DS. If this happens, Mewtwo will return for his own personal Smash Bros character slot (no trainer would be able to catch a legendary like Mewtwo) and Jigglypuff might be given to Pokémon Trainer as a selectable customization.

As far as new characters, there will be many. I don’t know much about Xeno-Saga or Golden Sun, but Isaac and Shulk seem to be likely additions (Isaac was in Brawl as an Assist Trophy and Shulk is getting a new Wii U game).

King K. Rool will come to represent the third from Donkey Kong’s series. Ridley from Metroid. Little Mac for retro series. Those seem like shoe-ins.

I believe Petey Piranha from Mario might fill in a heavy-character slot, as his moveset would be very unique and fun to play as. He’s also a highly requested character and was a boss in Brawl. He could spit gunk, fly, chomp, and cause tornadoes, like he does in his games.

Tom Nook could work from Animal Crossing. He could use “tanooki” based attacks, like tail whips and the fly ability from Mario 3, but also use Animal Crossing sorts of attacks like throwing furniture, catching you in a fishing line or net, or making you pay your bills.

Dillon is a new character from a 3DS downloadable game. He’s an armadillo in a country-western setting. He could use claw and spin attacks, as well as guns (he builds gun towers in his games).


Since Namco is helping to develop this game, I have no doubt that Pac-Man will be representing in the game. He’s such a classic, iconic character, and he will fit in perfectly. He’s been in Mario Kart’s arcade version, so I think his chances are very high.

Maxwell from Scribblenauts also seems like a shoe-in. His new 3DS and Wii U games are very Nintendo-like. Mario and Link actually appear in the Wii U version! Maxwell would have an interesting moveset, all having to do with the crazy things he can draw into the world.

Sonic will return, I believe. He and Mario have been playing Olympics so often, they must have become great friends.

Megaman is a fan-dream. He’s a character I desire, but I don’t believe his chances are good. Capcom has been ignoring Megaman, and I don’t think they’d want to represent his games in SSB. But, I’m going to put him on my roster because I want him in, very badly.

Geno is about dream that probably won’t happen, but he’s my personal favorite idea for a new character. 

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