The Other Night, a poem by Harrison Aye

She was caught up like she always was.

She would pause things,

they were still-frames in her mind.

From the audience she’ll follow you

with her incandescent eyes.

The first two hands to strike applaud you.

They set off a chain reaction,

Christ, that crowd adores you.

A bold technician turns the spotlight.

Can you overthrow the banshees and

slay the critics this night?

Because they see all

and they cannot be seen.

I entered in your dioramic view

from a crawl space,

where you could not see behind.

From this lofty spot I dreamt of you,

in senescence and supine.

The other night,

when I told you what I thought of your design,

the path that you chose, deceived us all.

the other night I chose to be the only one,

the one that told you and freed us all.

But paint doesn’t come off dry.

I left it there despite.

The set’s a brilliant red,

I painted you instead

I think I’m going to blog a little bit today about what exactly I did with the month of June as a writer. First off, I didn't do much. Excuses, excuses, I know. I worked a summer camp for special needs kids all June, but it has finally ended. It was a fieldtrip camp, and it tired me out most days (although it was a ton of fun).

Beyond that, something has blocked my writing from me, and I should just put it this way: I’m not good at splitting my creativity. I usually can only handle one artistic project at a time. Before wanting to become a writer, I spent every drop of my creative-self writing songs for the bands I was in. When I moved to Seattle, I had left behind my musician friends, and therefore was able to focus solely on making my novel happen. 

Now, since moving back to the homelands, I’m enjoying making music again. I’ve always been the songwriter in whatever band I’ve been in, and it started out that way mainly because I was the only one of my friends who would do it. However, it grew to be my main outlet of personal expression. I wrote hundreds of songs and selected a few to become full-band performance pieces. I have a hundred-something page document of pure lyrical madness. 
me performing at Pop's Nightclub, a long time ago
My drummer and I are planning to start a new band, and I’ve made it my intent to write all-new music for it. I want to see what I can come up with as the person I am now rather than simply reuse the old material. So, that’s been eating my creative energy. Maybe I’ll update again when I get that going. So far, I’ve written seven songs. They are really cool and fresh (I think)! But, I feel like I’m finally getting back to the point where I can focus on writing fiction again. I guess I just needed a break after doing my novel’s 2nddraft. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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