straw men burn and leave no bones

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The Poet Rosalyn
Prince Kobias always wanted to explore the abandoned Brine Family Theatre. After investigating every secret within the four hundred and forty-four rooms of his home at Castle Oversalt, you would think his talent for uncovering hidden passages would help him sneak into some run down playhouse. 
Dewlap the Gat
But boards and mortar block every window and door, leaving the prince and his friends to merely speculate about why the building has been left in disrepair (and what remains inside).  
High Executive Arch
One evening, Kobias notices a man walking through the theater’s wall, but even after a close inspection, there is no telling how he did it. The next morning, 15 years after the last closing of curtains, the theater is suddenly being reopened by the mysterious thespian, Ehro, with a new staged play titled, “The Ratking’s Unraveling.”
A kudanite
Anticipation builds throughout the city, yet even Prince Kobias never imagined that this would be a performance to die for. 

A vectorman

My novel, The Unraveler, is a 90,000-word YA fantasy that aims to bring readers a fun adventure through a theatrical world and under. This website is dedicated to my journey to seek representation and, with any luck, publication. 

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