Halloween Decorating: 2013

This is the first year in a long while that I’ve had a house to decorate for Halloween, and I did it hardcore this year. Notice the cat prop by the grave, the hanging severed limbs. I also have a vulture on my roof, peering off. 
Click the jump to see my gallery of photos:

 This is a giant spider. It is apparently eating an entire bush.

These are my twin skeletal flamingos. 

My mother's husband made these fantastic grave markers. Each has a funny (cheesy) quote. I buried my severed hand in front of one.

This big guy came from Walgreens. I bought him at a discount after Halloween was over last year. He is truly enormous and I love him.

This giant pumpkin came from Safeway. He could fit two basketballs inside of him. He lights up from 6pm to 11pm every night.

The tree face talks when you go near him. "Hey, hey you! Yeah, you! Haven't you ever seen a talking tree before? Welcome to my branch office. Now, make like a tree and leave. HAH HAH HAAAAA!"

 Two giant spiders on the house web.

This evil vampire bat hangs in the sky.

This is Ingrid the frog, who was once famous but now lives in a plant.

This guy peers down from the roof.

 I wonder if my poor mailman got freaked out my any of this.

This isn't a prop. It's my actual cat. Her name is Minerva, and she loves me.

If you have any cool decorations, please share pictures of them with me in the comments!

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