Nintendo proves it knows what gamers want with a new game about moving water using a ladle to a pitcher

No, seriously.
What the heck?
Eat something, Nintendo. You always make worrisome decisions when you don't get something to eat.

But, seriously. What has happened to your creativity, Nintendo? It shouldn't take much to sell me on a new Nintendo system. I own ALL of them, except for the Wii U. You're going in a direction that I cannot follow, Nintendo. I represent the most diehard of Nintendo fans, yet... I don't even slightly desire the Wii U system. If I don't want it, then you have a major problem.

And that problem is only emphasized by Water Runners. What are you thinking? Why would you EVER think that moving water from a stream to a pitch with a spoon would be a good idea? Why would you think I'd want to do that?

I feel like the Wii U is just a rehash system. Nerfed versions of old games. No achievements system. Remakes. Carbon copies, like the new Mario 3D World, New Super Mario U. These don't change up the mix. I already own these for 3DS. I want Mario to do NEW things, not just piggyback off of the gameplay styles of yesterday. Nintendo. Let's talk about how EVERY Pokemon game has you battle a team and a bunch of gyms and the elite four. Let's talk about how every Zelda game has a "dark" world, with "dark" Link (not to mention, Dark Mario, Dark Samus, Dark Pit, ENOUGH WITH THE DARK CHARACTERS ALREADY, GET CREATIVE!). Let's talk about the insanely repetitive use of Bowser as the main villian in every single Mario game. What happened to Wart? Or that alien in a space ship from the Gameboy? Or Wario as a villian? Or Mouser? Or, more importantly, some new threat? Bowser and his predictable goon cast has become extremely boring. Nintendo says that gameplay trumps story, but why not have both? Not even trying to do even a minimal new story is really just a show of laziness. You're more creative than that, and you're certainly more creative than spooning water into a pitcher!

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