Life Update, Jan through May


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about what’s been going on with me on here, so here it is, the first part of my 2017, blogged:

First, gorram Donald Trump became president. Not even gonna go into that.

The Women’s March on Washington made me proud, however. That was one of the biggest events/protests in my lifetime, if not the biggest. The most important political event since Ferguson.

I helped a friend move, went to another friend’s surprise party, went to the zoo with another friend, and went out with friends from work.

Oh yeah, then I quit my job. I loved ICA, but it was time for a life change. I think my co-workers and management misses me, though.

I got a tooth pulled, lol. Fun! Actually, it wasn’t so bad.

My band friends and I decided to do a new album, too. I’ve been making music again, feels good.

I finished the hardest edit I’ve ever done on my novel, and I also queried my first agents. I’m excited!

I completed a new 24/hour New Play Festival, and it was amazing. A great time!

I watched that giraffe, April, have her baby, LIVE. Went to a cards game with that friend I helped move soon after, and I got to see her finished apartment! Looks awesome! Helped my cousin who was stranded without a car, and that lead to a job interview.

Worked hard on the sequel to my novel, expanded the world quite a bit. Also, went to a show at my old high school, Little Shop of Horrors. They did an excellent job.

I suppose that leads to where I am now, sitting here typing. At the moment I’m planning on doing a songwriting weekend and another weekend at a music festival. Then there’s E3, Comic Con, and another 24/hour New Play Fest. June is loaded up! It’s an exciting time for me, right now. After June, July will be quieter, but then it ramps up again through October. 

So, life

Life’s good. I’m in a good point. I’m doing important, meaningful things every single day. I feel motivated. I’m busy. I’m pushing myself to new limits. I can’t complain. The future is bright. 

So far I’m going through a big transition into the unknown, but it’s not a scary unknown but an adventure. I have no idea where I’ll be at in a year. I don’t know where I’ll be living. I don’t know what I’ll be doing (other than writing). I could be anywhere.

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