I built a new gaming PC

I used to own a desktop Mac, but it died. It was depressing, but I knew it was coming. Ever since I updated to El Capitan, my Mac had become a disaster. Slow, broken, just a mess. I swore off Apple products after that update broke it, and so I began dreaming of my next personal computer.

Through the advice from friends I put out on facebook, and also the help of a crew of awesome dudes at Microcenter, I built a new Windows PC that I am calling... BEASTMODE!

The machine is a monster. It can handle any game currently on the market. It’s got a clear glass casing and the internals change colors.

So, the rest of this post is just showing it off for funsies.

PLEASE comment with what games I should get. I’ve been playing a bunch of old games, like Skyrim with a million mods.

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