Life Got Crazy

After posting a big life update on May 20th, everything just seemed to happen all at once. 

I drove three hours north to write songs with my friend. Then there was LOGfest the next weekend. Met Abe Lincoln. Big music festival another one of my friends runs. My tire went flat from a nail. Then there was E3 week, which is nerd funland.

Then my Mac died and I had to buy a new PC. Then there was Comic Con. Also, I did a 24/hour new play festival called The Identity Show with my theatre group called PRIME. Oh, and I got offered (and I accepted) a new job teaching English, setting up a recording studio, and doing technical theatre in STL. So, now, I’m planning a move across the river (I’m in Illinois), lessons for the next school year, and I have to talk to the Missouri education system to get my license transferred.


My life has been extremely busy, and now I’m about to go through a massive life change. New job, new apartment, new life. It’s crazy atm.

Here are a few pics from the madness (enjoy!): 

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