20 $%&#ing 20

This year....

The worst year for America--perhaps the planet--in my entire lifetime. 

A historically deadly pandemic with an airborne virus. 316,000 died of COVID-19. We hit levels recently described as "a 9/11 a day" in deaths. Horrific. 

George Floyd was murdered by cops, and the civil unrest that followed.

Trump, the worst President the USA ever had and cause of many of the 2020 problems, refused to concede his lost election and preceded to attempt a coup, setting the country up to be vulnerable. Murder hornets. Australia and California burned, and climate change was ignored by Republicans. Hong Kong protested. We nearly had a war with Iran (due to Trump). An American President was bi-partisan-ly impeached. JK Rowling's transphobia. The greatest jobs loss in US history. Russia committed a major cyber attack against us, and Trump didn't even bother to respond. The year of Karens, racists, and generally evil people feeling comfortable showing their faces in the USA. The massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Kobe and Chadwick Boseman died. COVID-19 restriction denialism, led by Trump and his cronies. Sports, theatre, events, and entertainment in general was cancelled. RBG died. 

What a crap year. 


Personally, I have been OK. I have an excellent, wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, perfect girlfriend. My job remained in tact, and I've been given new responsibilities (doing the artistic direction for a performing arts school, pretty cool!). That is a blessing, and I don't discount that I work in the arts and maintained a full-time job. I had a major virtual show, which was amazing. Earlier this year, I had a very big challenge at work, though. Man, it was hard.

Members of my family had COVID-19, but no deaths. No friends lost. Blessings. I got my teeth fixed. My teeth also pain me a lot. I guess, I made progress. I can smile in public now, anyway. I definitely gained weight during the pandemic. 2021 needs to be the year that changes me.

My art moved a lot after the pandemic first hit. When we were forced to stay home, I used any free time I had to work on my novel, do edits. After the summer, my art slowed down, as my work took over again. My work is art, though. I guess it all works out. 

I'm very, very thankful that Joe Biden got elected. I'm hoping we finally get some normalcy, and that with a new President, we will have actual leadership in America again. I'm also thankful for science and the vaccine. I know with Biden as President, ending COVID-19 will be an actual priority for this country, finally. I want to get back to having fun, going to events, and exploring the world. 

Maybe the worst part of 2020 (...in my little, insignificant cutout of the world...) was cancelling my road trip to Disney World and Harry Potter World. That was a bummer. 

Good things that kept me going in 2020:

Dungeons and Dragons with friends. 

Playing Jackbox Games with my Discord Server.

Poker with my girl.

My girlfriend.

I went on a New Year's hike with Gabe and his mom. That was on Jan 1. A good workout!!



I bought a VR headset. Perfect timing. Can't go anywhere? Well, now you can go anywhere in VR. I played a ton of Skyrim, No Man's Sky, and other games. 

Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. 

I upgraded my phone. My old one died.


Beats me. I have no idea what next year will be like. Hard to guess. More pandemic fallout, for sure. I hope the vaccine comes quick, and that the world gets back to normal.

I want to go to conventions again. I want shopping at nerdy stores to be fun again, and not a germ-atorium. I miss being out and about. I guess, all in all, I just want to create more art in the new year. I want to see students back in schools (when it is SAFE for them and staff). I want to create more. I want to reschedule a Disney trip. I have secret plans, too. :-D 

Stay safe, ya'll. SEE?!? you in the New Year! 

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