Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Looking forward to November

I get so excited about the Halloween season that I start it around August 20th, when the Halloween shops open. Now, I can't stop thinking about Christmas.

I know. I'm ridic. 

But November is going to rock for me. My favorite game-maker, Bethesda, is releasing Fallout 4. As a school teacher, I get Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving (+Friday) off. I took a PTO day on the 18th, as well. Meaning, I only have one 5 day week in November. Two four-dayers, and one three dayer.

There's also a field trip to a circus that Thanksgiving week, so that'll feel more like a 2-dayer. Then it's straight on until Christmas, which is 11-days of paid relaxation. HOW NICE!

But, I love Halloween. I do. It's nice that it's on a Saturday. I'm excited to wear a costume to school (I'm thinking of going as Gargamel, since I have a student that loves Smurfs). Last week, I went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. There's nothing better than wandering around a pumpkin patch. I might go this weekend, just for fun. 

Still, November is the month I'm excited for.

In other news, last weekend I was a monster in a haunted trail for cub scouts. I do this every year, but it was still really fun. The stars were out that night. I realized that it had been a long time since I've seen them, and it was refreshing. It reminded me how small earth is, in the scope of things. How many planets and stars are out there! 

My time has been freeing up lately. I've been so, so busy since August. It's nice to be able to consider more about life than just work. I have more time for art. I began rereading Half-Blood Prince. Haha.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Creativity in Writing: Part 1

Don’t be weird for the sake of being weird.

If you’re writing about a creature with fly-wings, bunny ears, and wheels for feet, then I expect your world has less gravity to support easily torn wings, large predators stomping around loudly, and paved grounds covered in blacktop.

Weirdness in writing requires logic. You must have a reason for something to drift so far outside of a box. 

 The real world is the box. What is now is in the box. Our dreams can go beyond. Fiction allows others to see your dreams, like a map. Inventors, scientists, and engineers have this, too. Plans, schematics, formulae…

What if I put Chemical X with Chemical Y?

The curiosity drives the test-tube holder to pour them together.

That is what creativity is, mostly. Putting one thing next to another in a way that nobody has thought of before. Before reading this sentence, you’ve probably never imagined what an Eleraffe looks like, but now you’re trying to puzzle together an elephant and a giraffe. Does the elephant’s trunk have to be as long as its neck?

Weirdness is something I thrive on, and my experience has taught me how to repackage it so that it is digestible for a target audience. In writing, this is extremely important. Why does Alice in Wonderland work? Why does a cat’s smile lingering after the rest disappears make sense to the consumer of this media? Why don’t we question why a walrus and carpenter are friends?

It’s because we know that there’s something up with that book. We know that it’s framed as some sort of dreamlike state, written by an intoxicated mind. The readers tumble down the rabbit hole in the beginning, and from there they are “matrixed” into the world of weirdness.

I have more to say, but I’ll continue this is Part 2.

Hogwarts Recreated in Super Mario Maker!

Minecraft, Terraria, Lego... Anytime there is a creativity tool for nerds, there usually ends up being a Hogwarts recreation. There's a good reason for this: Hogwarts is home to many people who fell in love with Harry Potter's world. 

So, when I got Mario Maker, my mind went there. I decided to play my hand at making Hogwarts within the Mario universe. Above is the Hogwart's crest.

You can play it, too! Here is the course ID: 1C0E-0000-00A4-1A1C

Please leave me a star if you've enjoyed it! More stars means more level slots for me to build with! Also, leave a comment here with your username and I will return the favor with stars on your levels! Thanks ahead!


 Here is the astronomy tower. Who is that teacher? Don't kill him!