Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mario Run

I've been playing Mario Run for my phone lately. It's great. Only 10 bucks and it unlocks all the content. I don't have much in the way of criticisms, I just want more game, truly. And there's a new update with new levels coming out soon.

I will say I wish this had a level maker on it. Made me want to play Mario Maker again. Also, I'm sick of the New Super Mario Brothers assets. They've been reused too many times for too many games. It's time for a new style and flair.

Also, I wish there were levels with fireballs. Yeah.

Kingdom builder is cool but too simple. Also, I don't know how to visit my friend's kingdom. What's the point of customization without being able to show off?

Anyway, I love the coin challenges. I wish there was endless mode, too. 

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