Some of the big things I did in 2015

Saw “Impractical Jokers” at the Peabody Opera House
Sculpted a Nintendo statue that went viral
I participated in a friendly Smash Bros. Tournament
I taught Social Science at my school
I bought back
I went to Wizard World Comic Con
I hunted Amiibo during the craze
I beat the Witcher 3
I began a reread project of A Song of Ice and Fire
I went to a music festival called SOHO
I went on a solo tour of Springfield and took pictures with Abe Lincoln
I worked on my book and edited several books for other people
I saved a kid from choking
I had a college buddy pass away. The first person to read my book, actually.
I went on a float trip that was a bit of a disaster
I saw the new Polar Bears at the Zoo
I went on a crazy road trip to Chicago and stayed at a different house each night
I wrote in a journal consistently every single day
I had my first jury duty
I bought my first Halloween animatronic
I had one total sick day at work
I played in a pumpkin patch and carved a jack-o’-lantern
I was a monster in a haunted trail
I bought a nativity set (a Christmas gift)
I saw a Jesus Circus
I took two friends Christmas shopping
I saw a new Star Wars movie
I went out to Silvercreek with awesome people from work
I saw a friend I haven’t seen since SIUE
I met a bunch of cousins’ children
I bought a boomerang
I played Fallout 4 and love it
I went to a Farmer’s Tan Market show

2015, overall, was a great year. It's also was very transitional for me. I had some job promotions, responsibility changes. I tried a lot of new things and went outside of my comfort zone. I kept up with my blogging and writing, although my editing of my novel had a pause during which I had to write a million lesson plans. I went on a few adventures, the best of which was my road trip to Chicago. 2014 I was a little reclusive, but 2015 I learned how to balance myself. I made new friends. I took chances on people. I dove into social situations where I didn't know anyone.

Looking forward to 2016, there are a world of changes at hand, and I don't mean "New Year's Resolutions that I say I'll do but never end up doing." I have major goals that I have to complete, not out of desire but out of necessity. I don't think these changes will be too hard, but they will be interesting. Most of my challenges waited on me paying off my car loans, and I'm almost there. I should hit it by January. Party!

Anyway, happy new year to you.

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